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    Please advise....

    my wife loves her HS Edge, but wants color. so what we're looking for is the super thin Edge form-factor, Palm OS, graffiti, and color screen.

    don't need anything else - the new models I see out have cameras or bluetooth and other stuff she'll never use - is there an older model of something similar to what a color Edge would have been that I could find on ebay perhaps?

    Please help - I have been too busy following the latest in Treo news to keep up with all the assorted Palm models out there these days.... we'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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    I think the Palm m515 would fit the bill. It is a very thin, metal-cased PDA with a rechargeable battery, SD expansion and 16 MB memory.

    It can be found through PriceWatch for $233.

    Another option is going with the Palm m505 (discontinued) which has a color display that is a bit worse than the m515 and only 8 MB memory. It can be found on eBay.

    Hope this helps
    - CML
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    Unfortunately, there is no OS 5.x equivalent for a thin color pda! I don't know why PalmSG or Sony have haven't released one. The closest thing is the Zire 71 (OS 5, very nice 320x320 screen), but it has an integrated camera and is slightly thicker than the M515 or Edge. The only other option for something thinner would be the Clie T655 if you can find one. Another very nice color pda is the Clie SJ33. Its a PalmOS 4.1 pda with high rez color screen (320x320), mp3 playback, fast 66 MHz proc, and flip cover. Its a little thicker than the Edge, but its very fashionable and IMO a much better device than the M515. However, if your wife doesn't mind some extras the Clie TG50 is a very nice device. It's thin and has OS 5, BT, MSpro slot, high rez 320x320 screen, thumbboard and flip cover. Also the TT is a fine pda. It of curse has OS 5, BT, but is very compact b/c of slider. Unfortunately its rather thick... In the end, it all depends on price and what features are the most imporatant for you. If I had to choose, I would rank the following according the best deals and features available:

    1) Zire 71: $250 online (b/c of screen and camera)
    2) TT : also ~$250 online (b/c of BT and compact form factor)
    3) SJ33 : ~$210 online (awesome screen, mp3...but OS 4.1)
    4) TG50 :~$300 online (perhaps best pda w/BT, high rez screen, thumbboard, thin, flip cover etc...but also most expensive)

    I would NOT get a M515 however! It may be thin, but it has an aweful screen, slow proc, and no multimedia (mp3 playback) features whatsoever...
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    I just upgraded my Sony T-665C to the Sony TG-50, and am willing to sell my 665. The 665 is a great machine - I just needed a couple of features the TG-50 added, and got a great deal.

    PalmOS 3.5.2.H
    8 MB
    33 Mhz
    4.8 oz
    4.7" x 3.1" x .44"
    160x160 screen

    PalmOS 4.1
    16 MB
    66 Mhz
    4.9 oz
    4 3/4" x 2 7/8" x 1/2"
    320x320 High-resolution TFT color display
    Built-in MP3 player
    Jog Dial
    some good software too

    I can answer quetions whether you want to buy mine or not. Hope this helps.

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    Sold mine, but they can still be found. Would be more than happy to answer questions.


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