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    I know this is not really a post for Handspring products, but there is a good deal for Memory Stick.

    256 MB Lexar Memory Stick Select (2 x 128 MB)

    $59.99 after rebates at Compusa - expires 6/28/03

    It's a good deal for Memory Stick as I have a Sony digital camera. It's still more expensive than the other "standard" formats.

    Get one while you can!
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    128x2? how does that work?
    Does it have 2 128Mb chips and a switch so you can select which one to use?
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $normal$ $MS$ $can$ $only$ $handle$ $128Mb$ $max$.. $but$ $the$ $new$ $ones$ $can$ $handle$ $more$ ($MSpro$?)
    So is this one a smart way of creating a 128+ MS that is compatible with the original MS format??
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