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    Just in case anyone else has the problem I've got...I bought TomTom Routeplanner and (separately) Townmaps three months ago for a Psion, which sadly and coincidentally died soon after.

    I've upgraded to a Clie...but my TomTom products don't work. The company says Palm OS5.0 isn't supported and won't run the programmes, and they won't refund on software which I used probably about five times. There is NO WARNING on TomTom's website or through resellers...I hope this prevents others having the same problem.

    Make your own mind up about companies which won't refund for useless products!!
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    Wow that really sucks. I think they should refund you.
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    OK...finally convinced TomTom their website was wrong, and they've offered me a full refund.

    Took a lot of hassle though - considering I was doing them a favour in drawing their attention to their problem.

    However honour is even and I'll get my money back...and to be fair once they've accepted what was wrong they've been prompt and polite and almost restored my confidence.

    BTW: OS5 aside, these are great pieces of navigation software - I'm sorry they don't run on my machine!

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    What is the URL to the offical TOM TOM page?
    And does it work on Palm OS4?
    I thought Tom Tom was PPC only...
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    Sorry to hear about the death of your Psion. I own one of every machine since the 3a. All are still working fine, though they don't get much use anymore.


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