Well it happened..

I finally left the handspring fold... I was seduced by the Palm Zire 71..

Though the T|T was tempting.. the Zire was just plain sexier!

Like everyone else, I will still be hanging around though I wont have my Prism (going to my sister)..

So, what is a good alternative to backup my unit to the SD/MMC cards? I was using PiBackup II on my Prisms memplug.. any one have any suggestions? Any other good OS 5 application suggestions (i.e. native ARM apps)..

(footnote: my geode's MMC card is finally getting used -- well in the Zire now! For those that dont know, GeoDiscovery never updated the GPS springboard to actually use its mmc sockets! such as waste almost makes me cry thinking about what could have been but wasnt)

(also I am using my speedloader again, however now its being used as a USB MMC card reader/writer )