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    I feel that I may have to get a new Palm Pilot in the comming months, as I would like Hi-Res, a speedier processor and OS5, but one of my biggest reason for ussing the Visor (Platnium then Prism) was the fact that I could use a wireline modem with the thing, instead of having to pay a monthly service fee.

    But I havn't found a unit that has all that plus the ability to use a wireline modem (Handspring was so stupid for discontinuing the Visor line and the Springboard), so I was woundering if someone knew of a unit that has all that and has a wireline modem that can work with it.

    I don't care about an MP3 player or a fact I would rather not have those.
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    i don't know of any PDA including Visors that came or comes with a land modem built in..... however you can buy a land modem for nearly any Visor or other PDA, palm or PPC ..... there are tons of different modems available.
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    As a matter of fact, you can purchase the Palm Modem Connectivity Kit, and use that with any of the listed compatible models:

    Model Compatibility
    Tungsten™ C, Tungsten™ T, Zire™ 71, m500 Series, i705, m130, m125

    You could also pick up a PSION 56k Travel Modem...its a IR Modem that works with Palm, PPC, & PSION PDA's....
    Re vera, potas bene.
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    yes, i don't think a land line modem is even an issue... I'd say pick whatever handheld you want, there will be a modem that will work with it
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    I've have a Psion modem and have used it with psions, an edge and currently my Treo 90. Works with any palm or PC.

    Last I checked, the only place you could still get one was from HP's online store. It says for the PPC only, but it works on all Palm OS models with IR. You can also get a Series 5 adapter from the Psion Store that will run the thing on AC instead of two AAs. Incidentally, two batteries give you four hours of online time. The modem is a very durable and incredibly easy to use.

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    I cant find that Psion modem...
    Do you maybe have URL?
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    I can't find the Psion modem anywhere either. Not even on Ebay. Seems it has been discontinued. However, I found this link to another IR modem.

    Has anybody tried it?

    My concern (if I buy a Treo 600 with Sprint) is that I have to have DATA connectivity if outside of Sprint service area (since no one seems to think you will be able to roam with data). I guess this IR modem would give me a landline connection so that I can access email while traveling?
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    Just checked the HP site. The Psion Trvel Modem is no longer listed. It was the last place I found selling the retail.


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