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    I just found out that Dell is selling their Axim real cheap. What the cause for this and is it worth taking advantage of just to have a PPC around to play with. I'm still a hardcore Palm user, but just like a true techy, I appriciate all technologies. Heck I have a 2 PC towers and 1 Mac Tower and a Mac laptop in my house, and they all get along fine.

    Below is the message where I saw news about this amazing deal on PDA buzz's forum.

    Deal of the Day: Dell Axim, $152 shipped
    Thought $199 was a good deal for Dell's Axim X5 (the 300MHz version)? How about $152 shipped? That's the deal of the day from Dell--just enter coupon code 4FD64685B6E. This isn't a rebate deal, either--$152 is your out-the-door price. Want the 400MHz version? $249 shipped (same code). Hard to pass up!
    I've never palyed around with a PPC serously, so this may be a cheap way to get my feet wet. Whats your take.

    PS: Could this sale be to clear out inventory for a new model?
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    To get this price, you need to act like a small business.
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    It's probably expired, but I'm going to give it a try. I'm writing an application that will run on Palm OS and PPC. Needless to say, I've got plenty of Palms to test it on. I've been testing for PPC in emulation mode. This Dell deal would make for a great test machine.

    Felipe, what exactly do you mean by "act like a small business"?
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    the deal was for samll businesses, if you used any of the buyer catergories (ie home user), you would not get the real cheap price).
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.

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