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    I haven't been here in a long time. I know a lot of the early users of this board don't frequent here as much. I was wondering how you guys are doing. What PDA you have moved on to and why?

    To name a few members:

    and there are many more....

    Hope all is well.
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    I'm not really 'gone', just lurking mostly. As long as my wife has my old Edge, I'll still be here. I'm using a Tungsten|T currently (and don't see myself switching soon). I bought it primarily because of the size, HiRes screen, and relatively fast processor. I had been holding out for a long time for a color Handera, but when one didn't appear by last June, I gave up. I considered the Toshiba e740, but the size, OS, and lack of a required app (Quicken) at the time crossed it off the list. The NXs were nice enough in theory, but Sony's fast pace with EOLing and their size eliminated them from my consideration. The T|T was basically my device of least compromise at that time.
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    Still using the handera 330. I have it wireless at home (802.11b) and on the road (direct cable to my audiovox 9150x). The only reason I haven't upgraded is because of what I want with a pda: phone/mp3 player/watch recorded shows from my comp/everything the handera does currently. Since it doesn't exist (although Kyocera comes close with their pda/phone - just missing the storage to watch my show and doesn't have cf slot).

    Other than that, I'm doing the online school thing (starting to wonder why), and the wife/husband thing as well. The computer shop I work for is sinking, so I'm also looking for other employment...
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    Well, although my post count can't match Toby's I've been around a few years.

    I went to a N760C, T665C, Genio 550, ipaq 1910, and now a Dell Axim (Adv), and I'm missed a couple along there. I've recently picked up an Edge and use it daily. PPC's flaky alarms have frustrated me to no end, but I love its power at the same time. So I currently play with both...

    I have been hoping for a TG-50 style Sony, w/o the keyboard, and 320x480 screen....
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    I still visit Visor Central regularly -- old habits are hard to break. Moved to a Sony Clie T665 a couple of months ago. My Prism still served me well but I wanted something new. Like my T665, sold the prism to help pay for it, still miss it a little.
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    I ain't much of an old timer, but I was here before the Neos and Treos came out, so I guess in terms of the devices, I am ancient.

    Still stop by frequently, but there are fewer and fewer posts I can help with, so do not post often lately.

    PDA history: Started with a Deluxe many years ago. Added heaps of accessories. (at one time or another I had: MiniJam, SoundsGood, HandyGPS, eyemodule and eyemodule 2, MatchBookDrive, MemPlug (CF and SM versions), FlashPlus, Backup, ThinModem, 4 different keyboards, about a dozen cases, etc. Parlty because I was running a PDA lab at work, partly because it became addictive!)

    Upgraded to Prism when it went on sale at a few Christmases ago. Went to the Sony Clie N710 for a thinner unit with other desireable features. Picked up a Neo and a Solo for the kids, gave Prism to wife.

    Switched form N710 to T615. Sold Prism and tons of accessories. Gave N to wife. upgraded from T615 to T665- the world's most perfect PDA.

    Now, I have the T665, kids have N710 and Neo. I have the solo sitting around (bad screen, otherwise OK) and a much more reasonable supply of accessories, etc.
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    >I was here before the Neos and Treos came out, so I guess in terms of the devices, I am ancient.

    It doesn't seem like that long ago that Pen Computing was talking about rumors of a new Palm-based PDA with an expansion slot. It seemed so radical at the time, and the possibilities seemed endless. I don't think the Palm IIIxe was out then, so the most RAM any Palm device had was 2MB (or 4MB if the IIIx existed then).

    I started with a Pilot 1000 in 1997. It came with 128k of RAM and no backlight. I got the Palm "Professional" 1MB upgrade card for that and, not too long after, dropped the Pilot while showing it off. The screen busted, so I had to get a PalmPilot Personal. (I had a habit of waiting for the new device to come out and drive the price of the old one down.) Movin' up in the world--the Personal actually had a backlight! 'Course, it came with only half a meg of RAM, and if I put the 1MB card from the Pilot in, the backlight wouldn't work. Naturally, I had to get the "Palm III" upgrade card--2MB and infrared! Woo! Flash RAM, too. Now we're cooking with gas!

    Then, rumors of the new device started. 8MB? Holy mackerel! Yes, the new Palm IIIxe had that, but... an expansion slot? Tied to the main bus? Oh, the places that could go! Started dreaming... then a friend of my wife's bit the bullet and ordered a Visor Deluxe, and after waiting a month or so, he got it. That's it... I had to order one, and an 8MB Flash Springboard, too. What am I gonna do with all that memory?!

    Fill it up pretty quickly, that's what. Pictures for FireViewer, documents for iSilo, all kinds of great and silly apps and games.

    I had a HotSync problem after a while. Couldn't get the Deluxe to connect at all. Bought a serial cradle and it worked, so I assumed it was a USB problem. Bought a Palm m125, just in case, and it came with a 16MB SD card. Plastic screen, too; no worries about busting that one. The Deluxe became my backup PDA. Eventually, I cleaned the contacts on the USB sync cradle and got it syncing fast again. And as my eyes get older, I start thinking about going back to the Visor with its bigger screen... but I can't make it connect with my Motorola p280 to get e-mail on the road. (I could just stick my SIM card in my Nokia 8290, though.)

    So now I'm kind of thinking about a Platinum, since prices are so reasonable... but my wife would have a cow...

    But oh, the memories! I still use the Visor here and there. And my wife still has my old "Palm III" Personal. The busted Pilot 1000 is in a drawer of my desk. Maybe someday I'll call and see about a new screen, just for old time's sake.


    Oh, yesterday there was a show on the Discovery Channel called "Unsolved History." The subject was the Gunfight at the OK Corral, and they were trying to determine stuff like who shot first and why. Part of their "testing" involved several guys in a paintball battle (to see how they were affected physiologically--heart rate and all that), and they wore vests fitted with electrodes which fed data to--ta daaa--Handspring Visor PDAs!
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    Originally posted by Tom LaPrise
    >I was here before the Neos and Treos came out, so I guess in terms of the devices, I am ancient.
    I guess that includes me too... ancient..

    I had a blue deluxe, sold it to get my Prism (which I still have, and fills my needs well.. no reason to switch.. not yet anyway)..
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    I have been a poster for more than 3 years so I guess that makes me an old timer . I am still a regular poster here..but most of my posts are about politics and world affairs. I am still a Handspring customer (now own a Treo 270). I have owned the following over the years:

    Graphit Visor Deluxe
    Ice Visor Deluxe
    Visor Platinum
    Visor Prism + VisorPhone
    Treo 180g
    Treo 180
    Now Treo 270
    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    Wow!!! Glad to see such a turn out. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see familar faces in here. I have good and bad news. Since March 14th I've become a dad.

    I've been enjoying for the past few months my Clie NX70v. I also got the wireless card for it (compact flash 802.11b card) and love surfing the internet with "NetFront" web browser. The NX70v plays video better than anyother PDA I have seen to date. Another nice feature is that the camera can now take 640x480 photos and doubles as a video camera capturing 160x112 color video with audio! This this is just plain old fun. It also can take voice memos. It has a virtual graffiti area. Oh and did I say it records video? The Clie NX70v seems to havee been such a good fit for me that I was not tempted one bit by the NZ90. This device is practically the color Handera people have been lusting for.

    Now the bad news,

    Yesterday I finally sold my trusty Visor Prism to a co-worker who had a faulty Visor 2MB. I really loved the Prism, but my wife wasn't using it since I handed down to her my Clie NR70v. It wasn't till the end of the day that I realized I was head back to a Handspring-less home. A first for me, in 3 almost 4 years. Why didn't Handspring just come out with a color edge. oh well I know its in a good home and will be used. Thanks for the good times Prism, thanks HandSpring

    My PDA History:
    Palm IIIx
    Visor Deluxe
    Visor Prism
    Clie N710c
    Clie T615
    Clie NR70v
    Clie NX70v

    PS: I really appreciate all the responses. I come here once in a while, but I usually mouth off at PDA Buzz and MacAddict.
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    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    I started with the black Solo. Moved on to the Platinum, Prism, and now my Treo 270. Still here!


    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

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    Helped a whole bunch of people with their problems...

    Had a solo then an edge and now I have a prism hence the name...
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    Casio Boss (1991)
    HP 100 LX (1992)
    HP 200 LX (1994)
    HPC (Casio - blech!) (1996)
    Palm 3 (1997)
    Visor (1999)
    Visor Prism . . . Visor Phone (2001)
    Treo 180 (2002
    Pocket PC (Audiovox - Still use it) (2002)
    Tablet PC (2002)

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    Is the tablet PC really a PDA?

    Originally posted by Kupe
    Casio Boss (1991)
    HP 100 LX (1992)
    HP 200 LX (1994)
    HPC (Casio - blech!) (1996)
    Palm 3 (1997)
    Visor (1999)
    Visor Prism . . . Visor Phone (2001)
    Treo 180 (2002
    Pocket PC (Audiovox - Still use it) (2002)
    Tablet PC (2002)

    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    I do lurk from time to time, seeing if any major developments have taken place. The Treo does most of what I need, so I don't spend much time participating in discussions which have become unproductive: Palm OS vs. PPC, Handspring vs. Sony, convergence vs. specialization, etc.

    As we get more details about the announced next-generation Treos, I'll be more active on the boards. I hope we'll see a smaller unit that retains the qwerty keyboard.
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    Originally posted by Gameboy70
    I do lurk from time to time, seeing if any major developments have taken place. The Treo does most of what I need, so I don't spend much time participating in discussions which have become unproductive: Palm OS vs. PPC, Handspring vs. Sony, convergence vs. specialization, etc.
    Actually I see very little (if any) of that on these boards. It's quite refreshing.
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    I still pop in about once a week just from habit. I'm still with my T615c and really havn't felt compelled to upgrade. It does everything I need and I guess that's the point. The Visors are used by the wife and daughter and none of the modules ever see the light of day.

    Thanks Handspring for introducing me to PDA's.
    "Stupid Handspring."
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    True, VC/TC is the most civilized of the PDA enthusiast sites out there, head and shoulders above the likes of PDABuzz, PIC or But since the Treo pretty much does what I need (a cell phone/PIM), most of the discussions here are less relevant to my needs. I found myself spending way too much time on the internet in general, and I wanted to channel my free time into something more in-the-real-world. I got tired of staring at a screen for several hours every day.

    But I am looking forward to hearing about the new Treo, and TC is the first and only place I'll likely be looking.
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    I have been here since nov 93, and still havent made 1,000 post yet.

    Had a blue deluxe, that a gave to my sister.
    Have a Prism that was upgraded to 16mbs, it is in a draw somewhere.
    Have a treo 270 that does almost everything I want it to do.

    Waiting for the next treo, which will hopefully do all I want it to do. All I really want is a screen that can be read in sun light and has a better resolution. All the rest is just icing, chocolate icing.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    Is the tablet PC really a PDA?
    hmmmm . . . well it's

    personal - I always have it with me

    digital - pretty sure it runs on electricity pushing binary number about

    assistant - couldn't live without it - it's MORE than my assistant, it's truly my brain

    But you ask a good question Yardie. Do you mean:
    - Is it too big to be a PDA? Not to me - it's the same size as the portfolio I carried my Visor in
    - Does it eat batteries too fast to be a PDA? Not to me - lasts nearly as long as my Visor Prism on a single charge (7-ish hours).
    - Does it power up too slow to be a PDA? Yeah, kinda. It takes 5 seconds to come on from standby, 20 seconds to come out of hiberation. It took some time to get used to it.

    But you're probably right Yardie - I only put it on my list to let Mikedemo know what I was up to and included the string of tools I use to perform my PDA functions. Like the HP 100/200 LXs I put on the list - they weren't called PDAs either. They were "pocket computers," but I used them like a PDA so I included them.

    Is that Treo 270 you use a PDA? I thought they called them "communicators" since Handspring is officially getting out of the PDA business.

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