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    Hi Palm fam,

    I just impulse purchased a used BB Priv, to give the only modern portrait slider a try before it's completely obsolete.

    The keyboard ain't bad if you type with two thumbs, Im technically using my thumbnails. I haven't had to correct nearly as many typos as I do usually with Swype on Samsung for the past year or two. And this is day two.

    My first growing pains are: the kb is very slippery because the keys have no rubbery texture at all. Also the gaps between keys are not well defined. Finally I have to adopt the double space = period.

    I like that the kb illum sleeps on its own while open, senses your touch to relite, and works as a trackball to scroll the screen. I can tell that palms grammar correct was much better, but I like having android's on screen word suggestions to repair the occasional typo. palm's 2nd shift key was much easier to find.

    This may work for a while. Now I need to decide if I'll adopt BBsoftware or just use Google. Advice welcome here
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    Now I need to decide if I'll adopt BBsoftware or just use Google.
    I've considered it. I have a friend who still works for BB, so is obviously a believer. I wonder why you feel like you have to decide between BB software and Google? Can't you mix-and-match?
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    I'm reading a lot of feedback that BlackBerry stuff is losing support and falling outof use except by those too tied in to let go. Since I'm not into it at all, I'm thinking maybe just avoid using it completely.

    I'm getting faster w this keyboard already though. I think this is going to be fun. I wish the keys were not so slippery though.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    I tried using a Q10 for a while, but whilet he keyboard was amazing, app support is almost as bad as webOS nowadays
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    The Priv is one of my 3 favorite phones ever (along with Pre3 and BlackBerry Passport). I also have a KEYone but prefer the Priv. I can probably type as fast on the physical keyboard as the touchscreen and both the slider and doing gestures on the keyboard are so satisfying. It's a shame people don't seem to have much interest in physical keyboards anymore as I think a Priv 2 could have been way better.
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    I need a class in all the secret shortcuts and actions. Like I wish there was a way to add commas without the alt button first
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Anyone using a Palm phone as primary device obviously does not need strong app support. In that case, a BB10 device will be just fine, in fact better in terms of available app, some Android support, better keyboard, WONDERFUL Hub, and it has a functional Docs-to-Go built into the phone. Text editing is just TERRIBLE on WebOS, as there really isn't a good documents program for it.

    I use a Q10 as primary. It is great, and any BB10 phone should function just fine for basic functions for years to come, even if Blackberry drops all support by end of 2019.

    A BBOS phone like the 9900 is even better for typing and editing. Opening apps is super-fast. The toolbelt makes text editing and navigation so much better than ANYTHING on iOS or Android, not even a contest there.
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    I enjoyed the Priv. I eventually changed from the Blackberry Launcher to Evie. Device searching (poor man's Just Type) worked much smoother and quicker. They never really finished optimizing the system and some apps, such as Android Auto, would cause it to quickly overheat. I picked up a Pixel 3 XL and installed the Blackberry Hub which was a real bright point for Blackberry (a poor man's synergy). I do miss the PKB, but the whole experience on the Pixel makes up for it.
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    I have several BlackBerries including a Passport, Red Q5, 2 Q10s and a Classic. I also have some OS 5 BlackBerries that were given to me. I love the keyboards on them but as mentioned here, the app support is pretty bad. The Android Runtime does come in handy though. Neat little devices to play around with.

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