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    Hello again old friends.......
    I switched to a Blackberry Z10 during the summer, and although the multitasking isn't as great as webOS, it's better than iOS or Android.
    One thing I especially liked about BB10 was the learned words, where the OS would learn words I typed often and give them to me as quick enter options. Then it stopped working 2 weeks ago. I've tried turning the learned words off and on, clearing the learned words and did a reset with the volume up and volume down keys.
    I posted this in Crackberry and got ZERO help, I really don't like the community there.
    I would guess a factory wipe would be my next step, but I'm unsure about what the backup in Link actually backs up. I assume sideloaded apps will need to be reloaded, but will Blackberry world app data be restored? Like with my Pre+/Pre2 and Pre3, I don't want to lose any data.
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    Is your phone under warranty?
    BlackBerry Z10 - Welcome page - United States

    You don't mention the manufacturer - perhaps you are too used to an unsupported phone?
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    Definitely not under warranty.
    It's a BlackBerry, using the latest version of BB10 on Verizon.
    Any other details needed?
    My gadget list-TouchPad, Pre 3, Pre 2, Pre+, Pixi+, Treo 700p, Treo 650, Centro, Handspring, Kyocera 6035, 7135-all with Verizon.
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    Sorry, I know nothing about Blackberrys. It was just a suggestion to check their site and that you might even get direct help if the Z10 was current.
    Knowledge base:
    Troubleshooting - United States
    There seem to be a couple of things about back up...
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    The backup get most of your info. all hub info, setting and pics, vids, and all bb apps. I belevie it even gets all the android apps.
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    These links might help:

    How to back up a BlackBerry 10 device using BlackBerry Link for Windows | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

    [Guide] How to Backup and Restore Using BB Link - BlackBerry Forums at

    How to backup and restore your BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Link |

    Why does backup in Link only do half the job??? Won't backup any android apps! - BlackBerry Forums at

    According to these articles and threads, your settings, media (on the device, not the SD card, but you'll still have the card, so it's unnecessary) and applications will be backed up. Android .apk files will apparently be backed up and restored too (despite the title of that thread).

    Note that BB Link is known to be buggy. If I was doing this, I'd make several backups, in case one didn't work. I don't trust Link at all.
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