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    Mozilla has announced that it will stop offering Firefox OS smartphones through carrier partners. Here are a couple of links relating to the announcement:

    Mozilla Will Stop Developing And Selling Firefox OS Smartphones | TechCrunch

    Firefox OS is dead, Firefox OS is alive - Firefox OS Central

    Given what is happening at Jolla, it looks like the field of alternative smartphone operating systems is thinning quickly, which is really unfortunate.
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    I have never gotten around testing it on my Nexus 4

    Well, lesser competition for LuneOS....

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    It's not that bad. I mean, from what I understand it's not being taken out of development, so it still can succeed as a third party ROM. Besides, that would probably make it available for phones better than FFOS OEMs could probably have made themselves.
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    That's what it sounded like to me too. It works well on the Nexus 4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by horzel View Post
    I have never gotten around testing it on my Nexus 4

    Well, lesser competition for LuneOS....

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    Well... as both Jolla & Mozilla are actual companies with paid employees and the ability to sign contracts and offer paid support... there isn't really any competition.

    Of course, there's no reason why LuneOS couldn't be a commercial proposition, but companies, contracts and salaries then become important. There is the advantage that it is fully open source (apart, I guess, from the drivers, which doesn't really matter to an OEM) so a company could take the code and support it themselves, but in reality, the vast app catalogue and familiarity of Android makes it the logical commercial choice - even though it's hard for anyone who isn't Samsung to differentiate and profit here.

    Strangely, the 'advantage' of LuneOS may be the lack of commercial pressure. If it gains traction and has a relatively small, but quality selection of apps, it may reach a point where it 'breaks out' to a wider user base or has enough users to generate some income for the developers. At that point, it would be a 'going concern', either continuing as a niche OS or possibly challenging the incumbents.

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