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    FYI just saw a new theme for android devices in the Google play store. Looks like the LG TV screen display in their pics.

    I haven't had time to try it, nor do I have the TV to compare. Anyone else try it please report your experience!

    Just searched webOS in the play store
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    I wanted to try it, but it costs money.
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    if you check that package, it relies on several other things being installed as well (MUST have 2 other packages, 3 others optional for the whole effect), so its not a self contained install and your done affair, it doesnt need special app permissions, but the stuff it relies on might, also not many user reviews yet, im typically the kind that doesnt go for stuff that hasnt been checked by lots of other people first.

    This theme consist of multiple widgets placed on the home screen. Each widget is created in a app called Zooper Widget with exception to the calendar and RSS widgets. In order to get the theme to work you will need to follow the instructions below.
    Applications needed to complete this theme:
    -Apex Launcher (Optional):
    -Zooper Widget (Required):
    -Media Utilities (Beta) (Required):
    -Simple Calendar Widget (Optional):
    -Simple RSS Widget (Optional):
    -Download Wallpaper:
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    Quote Originally Posted by boovish View Post
    I wanted to try it, but it costs money.
    Not if you happen to have a 1080p Android device. Just install the FREE App "Themer" and download the FREE Themer file in the description of the App the in store
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    Tried it back in March on my GNex using Themer. It was okay, not spectacular IMO.
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