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    Hey Folks,

    webOS is the best mobile platform out there but unfortunately we'll not see any mobile devices in the market anytime soon. After the whole HP fiasco, I changed my focus to Firefox OS and I am quite pleased on how the things are going. I haven't seen many people porting their webOS apps to Firefox OS and since the platforms are more similar than different I decided to start this thread.

    Enyo 2.x works great on Firefox OS and the developers here are the best ones I've seen regarding mobile apps built with HTML5. I want to gauge interest in the Firefox OS platform from you guys, have you thought about it?

    Firefox OS has been released in 16 countries with 4 hardware makers and 4 global telecoms. In Venezuela it is already larger than Windows Phone. It has a lot of momentum going for it since it caters to people who can't afford expensive hardware.

    There are lots of ex-Palm people at Mozilla right now, for example Lisa is taking good care of the Firefox Marketplace.

    I wrote a free ebook about developing apps for it if anyone want to check it out, its available at:

    I am also available for helping people here that want help migrating apps. Apps built for Firefox OS can work with minimal changes in webOS, if you're using just HTML5 or have some polyfills, so you can keep developing for webOS and also target the new platform.

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    Hi andregarzia,

    FYI... Mobile Nations did just open a forum for Mozilla (FirefoxOS) on the main site.
    You can find it with others here: Mobile Nations Forums
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    I've been playing with a ZTE Open. The latest software is pretty decent. Still some issues. I want to try one of the Alcatel phones that was announced!
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I would love firefox application in webos. some are developer of time?

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    I live in the U.S., so no Firefox OS smartphones for me yet. However, I am paying fairly close attention to Firefox OS (and even closer attention to Chrome OS, which DOES have devices available in the U.S.; I own a chromebook and really like it) and am curious to see how it develops and what level of adoption there will be. I know that I've seen articles stating there may be Firefox OS tablets in the not-too-distant future. (I personally wonder if/when there will ever be "firefoxbooks" similar to chromebooks, and also when we'll start seeing chromepads and chromephones.)

    I personally think that browser-based operating systems like Firefox OS and Chrome OS are the wave of the not-too-distant future. Actually, I think those type of systems will become dominant within 10 years. We'll see what happens.

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    I have tried Firefox OS via multi-rom on a Nexus 4. I was underwhelmed by it.

    Like Chrome OS, too much of the functionality is dependent on an internet connection. Not enough is on the device to suit my tastes/needs.

    It felt, to me, like a feature phone OS. A really good feature phone OS, to be sure... But not a true smartphone experience.YMMV.
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