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    hi all -

    first...thanks to John Steffes for mentioning it elsewhere and making me aware of it at all;

    I recently installed the webOS theme ($1.39) for the Go Launcher EX ($0) on my Asus Nexus7 running Android 4.3 *jellybean*.

    Here's a demo pic from their site:

    And another demo shot with a background we all should recognize:

    I installed the base launcher via the Play store, then from within it I chose the theme. I spent about a half hour arranging icons, replacing and renaming a few; and came up with a nice configuration, that resembles the TP's 3.0.5 a bit more than my Pre2's 2.2.4.

    It comes with about 20 webOS icons, and a couple background images from 3.x, . You can most likely add any 2.x background if you want.

    I like mine (screencapture) in a TP Jr costume!

    You can set up the Desktop's "Dock" just like a webOS Quicklaunch Bar, as well as extend it up to 3x wider and/or make it "loop scroll". One negligible thing here, it doesn't reorient to the bottom in landscape view.

    The "App Drawer" icon is one of the few that is auto-replaced with the theme. Other icons in the Dock/Quicklaunch Bar or on any Desktop panel can be modified, by holding the icon to trigger a mini-menu.

    The Desktop icons' mini-menu offers Replace/Rename/Delete/Uninstall. (You can dismiss unwanted apps easily here.) While some icons auto-replaced, I had to manually replace some, like the Gmail icon to match the webOS Email icon, and the Firefox icon with the webOS Globe icon. Now Firefox launches directly from the Quicklaunch bar.

    The mini-menu for Quicklaunch-located icons offers Replace/Rename/Gesture. With this you can assign an up-swipe function in addition to its tap-to-launch function. I used this to add an upswipe to the AppDrawer icon, and set it to trigger the Preview function. (Preview is what displays all of your Desktop panels at once.) A creative trick which could be applied here, is to place some icon like the basic Google icon. Replace the icon with the webOS YouTube icon (the original little TV from 1.4.5!), rename it YouTube of course, then activate/assign its up-swipe to open a bookmark to

    The app drawer opens with a grey background like webOS 3.x, but can be changed to transparent which is more like 2.x on the phones.

    The "dock" on the bottom of the App Drawer panel is toggle on/off. It has 3 icons: Go Store Search, App Drawer closer, and Running Apps. (more on that in a minute)

    Instead of tabbed, nameable panels like webOS App Cards, there is only one panel (grid configurable) with nameable folders. These folders open into a mini-window that's left-right scrollable.

    This demo pic illustrates it well:

    Because I increased the overall size of my icons a bit, one of my mini-windows looks a little cramped with some overlap on the label names; but the names can be toggled off too.

    Since the app drawer lacks tabbed panels, I tried to simulate the look of webOS by setting up the Desktop panels to resemble webOS App Cards. I set the center panel as the 'Home page' with clock (resized to stay centered), then sorted my icons on panes to the left or right of it in a fashion similar to my Pre2.

    The panels are modified in the Preview function, shown in this screenshot

    The Go Launcher provides many extra options to add flexibility, and significant redundancy too, which could be configured more efficiently.

    For example, the launcher's own menu comes up from the bottom with a swipe-up (only on the desktop), but be mindful to distinguish from a swipe-up through the android system Home key, as that is still set from default to open the Google search page app. Note: I've read this redundant action can be replaced with the Swipe Home Button app/patch that supposedly reassigns an up-swipe = Homepage function, to mimic webOS' flick-up-to-close gesture. I haven't tested its compatibility with this app but plan to try it soon.

    I just now installed the Photobucket app, so I could share these screen shots with you. Which conveniently allows me to also demo what happens when adding a new app.

    Its icon showed up in the App Drawer panel, next to my sorted folders

    Note: In the App drawer, you could have all your apps unfiled, but you cannot sort to multiple panels like Cards. The app drawer expands only as your app count increases.

    Holding an icon triggers the whole App Drawer into a modification mode, where everything gets an 'X' to-delete. The icon can then be dragged to either: moved to an app folder, or copied to a Desktop panel, now displayed at the bottom edge as mini-panels.

    One of my webOS App Cards (which I name 'desktop') is where I keep all the office-type apps. I've moved the Photobucket icon to that folder in the App Drawer, as well as copied it to that panel on my Desktop.

    That panel, pictured here, shows half of the webOS icons that come with the theme.

    Its configurable grid is currently 4x5, and you can see I've separated google to left and webOS to right.

    One of the most difficult things about configuring the Go Launcher EX is it has multiple menus, which look similar but are definitely different. There seems to be 3 different places to go to configure this theme: 1. from the Launcher's menu -- which first must be launched either with an upswipe on the home page or by tapping the Settings button (3 dots) on the Android bar -- containing Preferences and Settings options. 2. within the App Drawer, the Settings button (3 dots) on the Android bar launches a different, drop down menu. 3. Then there is also a Settings button (3 sliders icon) within the Go Themes app. I put that with the other four Go icons (Market, etc) into a new sub-folder I named Go Tools, then put that into my folder named System.)

    You'll need to visit all of the menus to really tweak it, because they don't all contain the same controls. Icon sizing is in one place, gesture settings in another, and "Advanced" is only available through the Launcher > Preferences menu.

    Up-swipe ABOVE the Android Home icon to pull up the Launcher EX's Menu

    Another odd thing to note: you apparently must turn off Notifications. Otherwise you'll get a non-informational notifier every few hours. The Launcher > Preferences > Advanced settings offers a System Persistence toggle, which I have set to OFF. But notifications still didn't stop until I turned them off in the standard way, under Android > Settings > Apps > Go Launcher EX controls. They seem to be aware of this since the Persistence toggle actually tells you to do it that way.

    A very cool feature included is access to view Running apps, and ability to 'kill' them. In the bottom right corner of the App Drawer page, is a little "heart monitor" icon. (see the App Drawer picture above)

    Clicking the heart monitor icon opens this Running Apps panel. On the bottom is a RAM usage indicator

    Tapping it will flush all apps, leaving only the Keyboard app. I've used this effectively when games become troublesome.

    There are a LOT of controls in this Launcher which you could use to improve over Android's stock launcher including a CUSTOM GESTURE feature. Yes, make your own gestures after triggering a little input box with a "double-tap". Example: I created an "S" gesture, then assigned my Simpsons Tapped Out game to it. Now, "double-tap, S-swipe" opens my favorite game from the Desktop.

    There's more toolbars and swipe gestures that can be toggled on/off, and even a Windows Phone-like side-swipe task bar; but I turned them all off. So upon first install, there is actually a lot of redundancy of function that needs to be shut off - for the most webOS-like simulation.

    Overall, I LIKE IT. My Nexus 7 looks good now....even though it still behaves like an Android underneath, which I currently despise. But I read just today that the KitKat version will include more improvements to make it more like webOS: the Hangouts app will combine SMS and Gchat (like webOS has for years) and the Recent Apps screen is supposedly being improved to feel more like true multi-tasking, even though apps aren't necessarily actively running in a card like webOS does. It's taking a while, but they are slowly adapting all of the best of webOS functions. So if OWOS never comes to fruition...well we've got to get by somehow.

    Of course, as soon as I can use ACL to launch Simpsons from my TP, I won't give a hoot about this Android tablet. But until then, I can at now at least smile when I look at it.
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    I use Apex, but I did know of this theme. Thanks for reviewing!

    Edit: If one uses a ROM like PA, one could hide / minimize the nav bar and use pie controls and get even closer (but still far) to webOS-like interface
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    I haven't tried this yet on my Note 2 yet because I'm not rooted but I'm sure it would work.

    I've been running this on my CM9 TP for 2 months now without any issues so far.

    Here's the link to read about it:

    [MOD] WebCM10 - WebOS-like app switcher [03/10/13] [PA/CM10/CM9/AOKP] - HP Touchpad Android Development - RootzWiki
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmgquiet View Post
    I haven't tried this yet on my Note 2 yet because I'm not rooted but I'm sure it would work.

    I've been running this on my CM9 TP for 2 months now without any issues so far.

    Here's the link to read about it:

    [MOD] WebCM10 - WebOS-like app switcher [03/10/13] [PA/CM10/CM9/AOKP] - HP Touchpad Android Development - RootzWiki

    Why am I just finding this, Multitasking was by far the best part of webOS,

    The only thing I see within the guys video is you can't swipe up to bring up the cards,
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    kinda has the right look. but you can tell who's the impostah without a touchstone to chill upon. hehe
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    Could you link me to it please?

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