i just foolwed w/ the new sony sj33
really awesome
still, i doubt i'll give up my prism for it
but man, the hi-res is so amazing
they show in the demo where the text can be so tiny
its for the excel demo (is it that new feature w/the new native-compatible sw?)
still ,my eyes are great, and its almost too tiny, yknow?

volume sounds louder than most palms / sonys
you can see the speaker holes in the back
uses that midi-type sound like the T615 etc

curved-in buttons are ok, even tho youd think theyd be no good b/c they dont stick out

screen needs to be on 1/2 brightness (not as bright asthe nz90? i couldn't tell for sure) for you to see thru the black-see--thru glass, which i didn't like

couldn't listen to mp3s b/c it wanted a mem stick

1 pic of a little kid playing baseball could be zoomed in forever w/out losing resolution, amazing

anybody have the sony-stick camera?
how is it?
only 320x320 or something?