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    Future Sony smartphones could recharge wirelessly in just an hour

    ...but I always thought Touchstone actually charged faster than the wall wart (can in our case?) for some reason, and definitely topped up within an hour.
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    my Sonicare toothbrush charges wirelessly in less than an hour too. but can Sony reduce gingivitis?? i didn't think so!

    LOL j/k

    y'no i've never tested whether the TS is faster than plugging in directly, but i have definitely experienced a huge difference in heat build up. lately i've been using my Pre2 with freetether as my hotspot, using it for hours at a time to feed wifi to my laptop and nexus 7. it DEFINITELY runs cooler when i plug into the side USB. (i still leave it on the Stone and just move the cable)
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    Our batteries are much lower capacity than the ones they're likely talking about. Because WebOS is so much more efficient, naturally.
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    I wonder how hot they get.
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