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    I love webOS. I've gotten into some heated discussions (some intentional, some not intentional) with others here in defense of webOS. However, with no more apps or support for webOS and open webOS taken way too long to become something useful, I have been forced to turn to alternatives. I've settle on Android simply because I don't care for Apples high prices, limited functionality, walled garden, crappy fake webOS like cards (iOS 7), and I don't need a status symbol to prove my worth (or over elevated worth in some cases).

    The problem is that I love the apps (mostly games and media players) available for Android, but I hate the user interface. It has gotten a lot better with 4.2. I can actually stay in CM 10.1 for more than a few days now without running back to webOS, but I still keep coming back. What I feel Android needs (aimed at CM on the TouchPad but could be used for Android in general):

    -A simpler quick settings menu. The quick settings menu (one that pulls down from the top right to set WiFi, etc) is not as easy as webOS. You still need to go to the full settings app to do things like change the wireless network. WebOS does a great job with this.

    -App switching. Android tries to emulate card view with the recent apps view, but the cards are too small and cannot be moved around or stacked. You can't switch between apps using gestures. Some apps really don't close when you dismiss them, which is really annoying. When you close some apps from the app's menu (like Dolphin) they still show up in the recent apps view which is also annoying. Also, why can't I access the dock to open a new app while in recent app view? You can do it in card view from webOS. I hate having to take the extra steps to open my "quick access" apps.

    -Some apps don't pause correctly. In webOS which you switch away from a running app it pauses until you switch back to it. The behavior is so consistent that it's reliable. In Android when you switch away from a running app then switch back to it you get some odd behavior. Some apps will reload, taking precious time (like Plants vs Zombies), and some won't. The inconsistency makes multitasking a chore. I'm actually afraid to switch back and forth between apps sometimes.

    -Notifications. I would love to have individual email notifications in Android. I love the ability to read the title or each email and select the ones I want to read. Android puts them in a list that gets truncated and you can't view/dismiss them individually. Why did Google decide to separate the notification section from the quick settings menu? Having them on different sides of the screen is sort of annoying. Plus the shades for each don't line up with the corners of the screen. That small gap between the left or right edge is ugly. For the love of God get rid of the shade already. I should be able to tap the notification are to see the notification, not pull down a shade.

    -Better keyboard. Shish, with all the freaking virtual keyboard apps full of gimmicks that Android has, the default keyboards in webOS and iOS look better, work better, and generally knock the socks off the Android keyboards.

    What I would like to see on webOS:

    -More apps. Self explanatory. Come on PIC! We need ACL!

    -Live wallpapers. They serve no real purpose, other than killing battery life, but they are cool and visually pleasing. Besides, they make some iOS users insanely jealous.

    -Widgets. Most are totally useless and unnecessary. However, the widgets that display information (time and weather) and the picture frame widgets have become vital to me. I love having a multiple photos of my family on the home screen without having to go through the trouble of creating a collage wallpaper. I think webOS should limit the widgets to a 3x2 grid system (3 columns, 2 rows). I also think webOS widgets should be minimized running apps that are "pinned" to the desktop.

    -Improved sound system. Music sounds great on the TouchPad in webOS. A whole lot better than on an iPad. However, apps like PowerAmp in Android blew away webOS' default music player because the equalizer and sound adjustments are better. Plus they work through Bluetooth, which webOS' equalizer apps don't seem to do.

    -3d dock. Just looks better and modern.

    I'm hoping that ACL is released soon. I think it would bridge the gap nicely giving me the use of Androids vast amount of apps with webOS' more useful interface features. When I boot into Android, I miss the smoothness and ease of navigating apps and the system that webOS brings. When I boot into webOS, I miss the availability of new games and productivity apps.

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    I'm really spending a lot of time on other Nations lately...

    You can see that there is always an element of OS swapping going on. People just migrate around looking for what works best for them. It's a minority of posters, but they are there.

    I spent quite some time on a Nexus 4 with the latest Android... IMHO it is geared for media consumption and gaming as a top priority. everything else sort of takes a back seat. I still like it for my tablet. I find it way more usable on a WiFi only device with hardware made to consume media. Even on the 4.65" N4 screen the OS just seems penned in. The comm stuff (which phones are supposed to be used for) really shows it's lack of integration when you switch back and forth between a tablet (where you don't have to worry about it) and a phone (where you have to have it).

    Conversely, I'm spending time on Windows 8 phones now. (First a Lumia 521, now a Lumia 925.) All the frills on Windows 8 desktop that are cool at the beginning, but then fade to being unused gimmicks after awhile... Those things suddenly make sense and have true purpose for me on a phone. Metro and Live Tiles work on a small screen like they don't on a large screen. I don't think I'd use a Windows RT or Surface Pro tablet after having Windows 8 on my laptop. I can't see it fitting into the media consumption and games I play on my Nexus 7. And the Android browser choices are way better than the Windows Phone (RT) ones.

    webOS never had that size/type schism for me... It seemed to fit the Veer, the Pre 2 and the TP I had equally well.

    Next hope... Ubuntu Touch which is supposed to truly merge the experience from phone > tablet > computer > TV...
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    Hey RumoredNow... I'll give you $1 to make a youtube vid highlighting your experience in Ubuntu Touch from a webOS loyalist perspective.

    *continues eyeing the $80 Lumia 520 on craigslist to play with because of your recommendation*

    Nothing except maybe the OP's widget point really sways me from webOS for what I need, other than a desire to see something new coming out that gives hope for someone making something like it for the future. As that oddly doesn't seem to be iOS or Android, I'm wondering what is.

    Personally I keep hoping the Nokia DNA rubs off on Microsoft for mobile. I'm also flirting with old (and new) Nokia feature phones. That's bullet proof hardware, interesting form factors, and superlative battery life. Things that have fallen by the wayside in many cases now with the brute force approach of inefficient mobile OSes laid on top of pocketable mobile computers. /rant /getoffmylawn

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