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    Bought a q10 at a decent price, $379 to be exact on ebay, love the form facror but I have the feeling that I just bought a phone os that resembles the promises of webos. Any one here considerd or have switched over to the q10.

    Havent used it much yet from my research, bb10 doesn't seem to be a customizable as webos but I think being able to sideload apps and having speeds as fast as lte is worth a try.

    No point to this thread other than writing that i bpught a q10
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    Oh am currently using an sg2, phone is not that bad as it has a fairly large screen for my aging eyes, lots of hacks such as free tether... just a lack of a physical keyboard. If someone made an android 4.5 inch screen with a potrait keyboard and up to date hardware, I would be able to live with it. Sure not as good as webos but nothing else is coming out
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    Check out this thread... discussion already started:
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    Check out this thread... discussion already started:

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