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    @ananimus: Yeah, because BB is really original. Head over to the Q5 topic on here and watch my picture of the HTC ChaCha (which is a few years old device). It's a blunt of copy of that phone.

    The Z10 I do really like, however. That's a nice design and good phone. Would like to have it but it's too expensive.
    Dude... Did a Cha Cha bite you on the ankle?

    IDK what yer Cha Cha phobia is, but there are many many many phones which have/had that form factor. It's time honored for BB themselves.

    Phone Finder results - shows 381 results with the most popular 70 displayed.

    Of those 70, 29 are Blackberry. 41% of the 70 most poular phones with that form factor were made by Blackberry. How is that copying HTC when they only have 2 models on that same list? BB is simply putting out another iteration of a theme for which they are legendary. If anyone copied it was most likely HTC.

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    ^--- Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! ---^

    The Q5 is a blunt copy of a cheap BlackBerry, a la the Curve. Plus the ChaCha was kind of a freak with it's weird angled style and prominent F button.

    My friend has an old Curve, and while it definitely feels cheaper than, say, a Bold, the guts of the thing are pretty much just as solid. That's just what it takes to make an economy device.

    And though I wish I could get a Q5 since I sure as can't afford a Q10 off contract, that's because I'm kind of impressed by the Q10. There is a certain kind of sense to launching the premium devices first and cheap plasticky ones later in the "hardcore" smartphone markets I suppose. Whets the appetite and builds the right reputation.
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    I don't like the ChaCha at all. In fact, I laughed straight to it one time when I saw it in store. Yes, I'm that crazy.

    Anyway, maybe I was wrong about them copying. It's just that it reminds me of that ugly ChaCha. The Curve doesn't come to mind with this Q5 at all.

    But like I said: I do like the Z10 a lot. I've gotten milder on BB since the Z10. And of course, I'm not saying everyone else is original, there are many devices on the market that look like each other a lot from different MFs.
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