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  • iOS

    16 12.50%
  • Android

    31 24.22%
  • Windows Phone

    13 10.16%
  • BlackBerry 10

    8 6.25%
  • Sticking with webOS

    60 46.88%
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    I use to be a big webOS fan. I had the Pre Plus, the Pre 2, the Veer, HP Touchpad 16, 32, and 64GB white model, and two Pre3's.

    But eventually I had decided it was time to leave.

    I then went to Windows Phone in December of 2011. Didn't want to go to iOS or Android. Have had the Focus Flash, Lumia 900, and Lumia 920. When I heard of BlackBerry 10 and saw how much it reminded me of webOS, I just had to move.

    So I now have a BlackBerry Z10 and am loving it. Reminds me of my Pre's.

    So what mobile OS are you using now (or would you use) after webOS?
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    (to proper forum)
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    Android - Galaxy Note 2
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    You missed the obvious option on a webOS forum for those of us who haven't gone anywhere.
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    So in just over a year you have had four different new phones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    You missed the obvious option on a webOS forum for those of us who haven't gone anywhere.
    <updated OP poll to include webOS>
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    I've moved onto a (jailbroken) iPhone 4S as my primary phone but still use my Pre3 often and my webOS tablet on a daily basis. :]
    Devices: Pre3 16GB (AT&T - webOS 2.2.4) | White TouchPad 4G 32GB (AT&T - webOS 3.0.5 + LunaCE)
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    I moved to Windows Mobile on a Treo Pro, but after that, an HTC Aria on Android (ICS & JB), and now it's in flux.
    I picked up an HTC HD2 recently, but it's having some heat issues, but if it did work properly, I'd use it for Windows Phone.
    I intend to jump to WP next as of now.

    I also think there should be an Other option, just in case.
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    I have 3 touchpads, a pre3, (soon to have a second one), a pre2, a veer, a pre plus, a Pixi plus. Why go anywhere, they work well. The veer, pre3, and touchpad get used everyday. WebOS is the reason I LEFT iOS. So I like it here and plan to stay a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    You missed the obvious option on a webOS forum for those of us who haven't gone anywhere.
    Oops! Sorry forgot to add that one! :P
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    I used PalmOS devices for a long time along with a normal phone. When I was fed up with carrying two devices all the time, the Centro came along and that was just perfect for my needs.
    When that started to die, I looked at the market, but could not talk me into anything until I could get my hands on a Pre3.
    So I started with webOS in September 2012 and hope that the HW will work a long time. (First I wrote "work until new webOS HW arrives, but .... )
    Handspring Visor -> Palm Centro -> HP Pre 3 / HP TP 4G -> amazon fire phone 64GB
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    Still with the Pre3 at the moment was going to go windows 8 phone but I've been using the wife's Nokia 620 and while the OS is nice to look at and very smooth it doesn't have enough apps.
    I'm probably going back to Android , just waiting for version 2 of the Nexus 4.
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    Meego Nokia N9. Great device and a gesture driven OS with true multitasking and similar cards metaphor like webOS.
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    Guess I should update my sig, but I went to a Nokia N9 to a GS3, back to my Pre3 and currently using a Nexus 4...considering a BB Q10 but nothing out there is that interesting. If only my Pre3 were a bit faster, particularly with boot times.
    Original Palm Pilot+modem > Kyocera QCP 6035 > Kyocera 7135 > Treo 650 > HTC TyTN (ugh) > Palm Centro > Nokia E75 > Nokia E72 + iPad2 > HP Veer + TouchPad + UK Pre3 + AT&T Pre3 > iPad2 + ATT Pre3 + Nokia N9 > Galaxy S3 > Pre3 > Nexus 4 > Blackberry Q10 + Galaxy Note 8.0
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    Using a BB Z10 now and I'm happy with it, but to be perfectly honest, webOS still is not that far behind in what the software capabilities are. The reason I moved was for better stability, LTE, and to be honest bluetooth. The BT chip in my Pre 3 was especially weak and would not work at the same time as wifi and always needed to be reset.

    If webOS ever appears on new hardware, I for sure will be back, and wouldn't have any problem selling my Z10 or reducing it to drawer patrol. The software was never that far off. Get it on good hardware, and the people will come!
    White Z10, Touchpad 16GB [Retired: Pre 3, Pre 2, Pixi Plus, Pre Plus]
    Back on a BlackBerry after 2 1/2 years with WebOS.

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    I'm sticking with WebOS since it's the best OS ;D But I have an Android Tablet since the Touchpad is way too pricey ;D
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    After a year on Android the Pre3 moved to my price range. Back on WebOS and one happy camper.
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    Currently using Touchpad daily (dual-booting w/ cyanogenmod 9) and an S3. Miss my WebOS!
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    Touchpad at home

    and the obvious
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    I'm still on my Pre3 which i've had since october 2011 and its still going strong. Everything still works the way it does when I first got it, only the centre chrome piece of he "p" on the back has fallen off.

    My gf has a Pre3 also which is running well, except for an issue with the proximity sensor and for some reason the software is quite buggy compared to mine =/

    I was thinking about moving to the new BB10 since the OS looks quite similar to webOS but the phones are too big (and pricey!) for me. With their new slider which has been patented (strange since many sliders exist already so I don't understand what exactly is patented there)
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