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  • iOS

    16 12.50%
  • Android

    31 24.22%
  • Windows Phone

    13 10.16%
  • BlackBerry 10

    8 6.25%
  • Sticking with webOS

    60 46.88%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Joynes View Post
    If you're feeling home sick for WebOS, you can get themes to make it look like it. You can also change the multi taking screen into the "cards". There's even an app for the quick launch bar.

    Or you could buy an old GNex and install open WebOS on it.
    The wave launcher app doesn't work on jellybean unfortunately, and the developer hasn't released an update for over a year. But at least I did get to round off my screen corners using the free roundr app. :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexanderJJJ View Post
    I use to be a big webOS fan. I had the Pre Plus, the Pre 2, the Veer, HP Touchpad 16, 32, and 64GB white model, and two Pre3's.

    But eventually I had decided it was time to leave.

    I then went to Windows Phone in December of 2011. Didn't want to go to iOS or Android. Have had the Focus Flash, Lumia 900, and Lumia 920. When I heard of BlackBerry 10 and saw how much it reminded me of webOS, I just had to move.

    So I now have a BlackBerry Z10 and am loving it. Reminds me of my Pre's.

    So what mobile OS are you using now (or would you use) after webOS?
    I moved to Android - Samsung Galaxy S4.
    Can't see moving from one dead OS to another.
    Sounds like you picked 2 more dead OSes.
    Samung has done what HP should have done!
    Lame US Management focused on the short term bottom line instead of inovation.
    IBM lost it to Microsoft!
    Microsoft lost it to Apple!
    Apple is is loosing it to Samsung! ,
    Palm, HP, RIM, Nokia, Erison are all dead because of the focus on profits & not inovation!
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    I'm still using my one-year-old Palm Pre 2, but I'm gonna change it for an Ubuntu Phone Thus, all I have to do is waiting for Ubuntu Touch to be released, but I'll never throw away or dismiss my beloved Pre 2, on the contrary I think I'll get a Pre 3 to use during these months of waiting.
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    Nokia Lumia 920 and WP8. Touchpad at home. The 920's camera is outstanding, WP8 smooth and maturing.
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    I have a plethora of webOS tablets, an iPad 2, and a Nexus .. so.. i use the main 3.
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    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
    (1:39:33 PM) halfhalo: Android multitasking is like sticking your fingers into a blender
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    I have Touchpad, Pre3, Veer, Pixi but my main cellphone Treo680
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I confess. I really enjoy having phone no one else has
    I do too, but not always ;-)
    it's iterating, me and a friend were both big webOS fans, but after the Leopocalypse, we had to choose our carrier before phone and went with republic wireless. I'm still using it (how can i not use a phone with free service!), and my Pre3 and touchpad were stolen this year, so I'm devoid off webOS devices and needed something for traveling. So, I recently got a Z10, and though it's not even been2 weeks yet, I'm loving it!
    My Pre and Android phones got really laggy, maybe this phone will too, but for now it's very responsive and snappy!
    I spoke with that friend recently, and turns out he ditched his RW phone for a Z10, heh. We both agree, BB10 is the spiritual successor to webOS. At first I was a little bitter at RIM for biting off webOS, but now I'm glad, because someone needs those features! A little bit of gestures,a decent amount of synergy, and supporting open standards. Actually (excepting QNX), blackberry seems to be way more active in the open source scene than hPalm ever was.

    There is an app gap with Android and webOS of course, but with the inclusion of the Android runtime a good chunk of Android apps can be had (including Netflix, the biggest reason i put CM on my touchpad). Unlike webOS, the OS is actively being updated. Two years in webOS didn't have VoIP support. Five months in BB10 does. (among many other things)
    As for ACL, i contributed, but blackberry is planning to have beta Jelly Bean support next month. If and when the openmobile acl will have it? Who knows, but we do know that blackberry is putting more than $50k of developers' time into it.
    I'm sad to be without webOS (and doubt the thieves know what to do with my devices), and today i tried to do some development and seriously missed the rooted nature of my last two phones, and Preware on webOS, but!
    I think i hoped on OS/2 and webOS too long. Might as well give something else a shot (at least until my phone company gets an Android 4.x device in stock, because, ESP after using BB10, I'm so over gingerbread :-)
    I don't know if it would be offensive, but i do have an unlocked Z10 to sell, so i might post in the marketplace.
    Whoo, did not mean to write that much! Heh..
    This thread really caught my attention. Ta!
    palm lineage: VzPre+ to Pre2 to Pre3, now using a AT&T Pre3 on wifi and Panda Touchpad.
    DU unlock codes available (Veers, Pres, etc, Oh my!)
    Has Pre3s & tpFauxG for sale!
    (Sales prices always less than ebay)
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    BB10 all the way. I have an iPhone 5 as well but I can't stand the clunky OS. The apps are nice but iOS feels like last decade's OS. And I have no idea why anyone would want to deal with Android.
    My shiny new TouchPad apps: Scientific RPN Calculator HD - Screamager HD
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    I want a Z10 but i loveeeee my 4S

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