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    Derek Kessler posted this over at the Mobile Nations Forums (beta).

    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Kessler View Post
    If you've got Firefox the browser on your computer you can actually try out Firefox OS in the browser with the Firefox OS Simulator 3.0:
    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Kessler View Post
    webOSers: hold down the home button in the simulator. ;-)
    An interesting toy at least... and a way to test drive B2G or FireFox or whatever it will be called.

    And here is a YouTube of it being demoed at CES 2013.


    In case anyone here wants to explore...
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    Anyone else see a side market being offered to webos users? Granted the hardware is fairly open?

    Or am I nuts in seeing two linux supportive companies with the cash to put a better piece of hardware in our hands capable of running open webos?
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