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    Firefox OS on Sony Xperia™ E - Experimental :

    net_m - Brandable FirefoxOS for Companies:
    Firefox OS: Angepasste Versionen für Mobilfunker und Firmen | heise online

    Ubuntu Touch (mobile):

    Samsung Galaxy S II

    Sad to see so much progress in such a short time compared to open webOS. Manpower counts here.
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    I'm looking forward to seeing where some of these go.
    Thanks for the links.
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    If you have Firefox on your PC you can install the Firefox OS simulator extension to play around with it yourself. It's a little weird using a mouse on a "touchscreen", but it works well enough to get the flavor of it.
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    I wouldn't call them the competition, I'd call them the next step. Ubuntu looks very promising as a UI because of the gestures we all hold so dear to our hearts. Let's face it, the LG situation does not look good. LG is too flaky at the top and they have a history of scrapping plans in Apotheker-esque fashion. To wit, a week after Microsoft announced that ALL WP7.5 phones would receive the 7.8 update, LG announced that they would not be releasing any updates. Just this week, they announced that webOS was only for TVs and now it seems they're softening their stance. I wouldn't trust them anymore than a priest at Chuck E. Cheese's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    Sad to see so much progress in such a short time compared to open webOS. Manpower counts here.

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    Firefox OS - meh,
    Ubuntu Touch - interesting.
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    I think at this point we should stop comparing open webOS to IOS, Android, WP and BB 10 and compare it to our real competition. Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox os, and Sailfish.....even though they all have more support then open webOS. I hope PIC can save us.
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    From another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    OK... I just came across this Blog: Ubuntu Touch Preview | Vlad Filippov - Web and Application Developer which shows some screencaps and unmasks the User Agent for the generic "Browser"...

    Best part is it tells how to take and retrieve Screencaps via Linux terminal commands. Nice. Maybe I'll be able to get some screencaps done next two days off.
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