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    I reluctantly replaced my Veer today with a new Blackberry. I am sure the hardware is great and that I will eventually like the phone. The OS feels like a poor ripoff of WebOs. It has a lot of similar features that Webos had but it doesn't seem to duplicate the experience WebOs gave me. Also what Blackberry might describe as improvements I feel seem to be not fully thought out ideas the same way WebOs seemed to make everything so easy. I have always been amazed at how easily my then 3 year-old son figured out how to use my pre when he couldn't do much with an iphone. Now he is almost 7 and struggled to figure out my new phone today. That was what made WebOs great. The ease to use. I still remember struggling to figure out how to delete a bookmarked website on my Pre and the feeling of stupidity I had when I discovered the almost too simple answer to my problem. The Pre was my first smartphone and I only have ever used WebOs other then grabbing a friend's phone the odd time. I already miss my Veer it was a great little phone and I will likely leave it on my Touchstone in the living room and may pick it up the odd time.
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    I still don't get what everyone sees so webOS in BB10. The only thing I see in BB10 is a ripoff of MeeGo Harmattan. The active frames (running app cards) are the same as in MeeGo, the gestures are similiar to MeeGo... Only BBM is kinda like Synergy but BBM was there before webOS came around.
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    The up gesture is a major component of webos and now blackberry. Thats it far as can tell
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    The up gesture is a major component of webos and now blackberry. Thats it far as can tell
    But MeeGo Harmattan also had that and combined with MeeGo's active frames that BB10 uses it's more MeeGo-linke then webOS-like IMHO.

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