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    You can probably answer this question better than anyone, but I know you use IOS as a daily driver as opposed to WebOS, ive seen videos and even you admitting to it on one occasion, but im at a point where im at a point where I can buy any device under the O.S sun but im mainly struggling between IOS, BB10 and WebOS but my question to you is. What was the turning point for you to go from WebOS to IOS? I feel like I have not found an exact niche for Smartphone wise.
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    He explained that already in a front page post not too long ago:
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    I'd go with BB10. I had a Pre 2 a long time ago, then switched to the iPhone, then the Galaxy Nexus, and finally the Nexus 4 in December. Yesterday, I finally got my Z10 which I had shipped to me since carriers aren't going to carry it until March, sadly. Anyways, if you are coming from Web OS, you probably don't care too much about apps (p.s BB10 already has a lot of good apps on BB world, and many have already been announced and will be here shortly). I feel like Web OS users (like myself) will really appreciate the gestures with BB10. I have no doubt that Web OS was their biggest influence in designing this OS. Needless to say, it looks much nicer than Web OS, and is much smoother (partly owing to better h/w). If you have any questions on the OS or the Z10 itself, let me know.
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    Smoother yes, nicer not really.
    I was looking forward to the BB10, but I must say the notifications are a step back for me.
    The whole Hub idea is good, but is poorly executed and the absence of notifications (the LED is not good enough) make me very skeptical.
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    The turning point for me was that my Sprint FrankenPre 2 just wasn't cutting it anymore. It's hacked together hardware and software, I didn't expect it to hold up forever. I also had a Pre3 on AT&T, and unsurprisingly I was using it much more than a Pre 2 on the slower Sprint network. So I had to ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" I've been a Mac user for years, and iOS 5 was finally an iOS I'd be satisfied with using full time.

    There's a lot that webOS does well, and there's a lot that iOS does well and Android does well and... well, BB10 and Windows Phone have their strengths, but I wouldn't say they're up to the level of challenging iOS and Android with the "must have" level of features. At least not yet.

    I still have and regularly use my Pre3 on AT&T - I carry it and the iPhone in the same pocket practically every day. Whichever one gets an alert first is generally the one that gets my attention. The Pre3 usually comes in ahead on Google Voice text messages (excepting iMessage, of course) and calls, while thanks to the excellent Gmail app the iPhone gets most of the email reading and sending. iPhone gets 100% of my Twitter reading (TweetBot) and 95% of the sending, while I manage my Google Reader feeds about 50/50 between both using Feeder and Reeder.

    Right now I've got a Nexus 4 sitting on my coffee table waiting for my attention and I might be picking up a Z10 soon as well. My SIM card is likely to start traveling between devices, though I'm certain I'll miss the feel of the Pre3 in my pocket when she's not carrying the AT&T signals.

    For what it's worth, that' my very nonstandard experience. Most people don't have two phone lines, let alone two personal phone lines, so they don't have the luxury of saying "I'm going to have a Pre3 and an iPhone!" We all have to make our own personal judgements on whether or not we're going to switch, when we're going to switch, why, and to what.

    But don't let loyalty to webOS hold you back. There's no place for loyalty in smartphones, especially do a platform with a future that's in question. Smartphones are tools - pick the one that best gets the job done for you.

    It never hurts to look.
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    Thanks for that. I think ultimately for me the tossup is between an Unlocked Iphone 3GS as t mobile does not have an Iphone of their own. A Z10 because I love to experiment with new things or possibly a Nexus 4, even though I'm not a big a fan as I used to be and Windows phone is something im not interested in at all. Ok, I think ill decide on a Z10....yeah that works for me. and thank you everyone for their input and thank you too Mr. Kessler.
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    When it comes to the phones you've discussed, T-Mobile either already has them (Nexus 4) or will be getting them in the near future (Z10, iPhone (maybe?)).
    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
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    I've heard rumors of the Iphoe but im not entirely sure when that will be, and the Z10 has been a charmer for me.
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