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    i think HP wont ever do that, mostly because other companies when they do it, they want the other companies to stop whatever their infringing on etc, which is nice but they also ask for compensation due to their own sales being hurt or affected, while HP could get another company to stop using something they have a say in they cant say their earnings have been hurt and get compensation as they dumped the smartphone business in the river.
    Oh but they are copying. the took Touch to Share and is now apparently called S-Beam.
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    I have the SIII coming from a Veer and before that a Pre. The phone is very comfy to hold. I love webOS but this thing blows both those phones out of the water. Fits in pocket fine, and setup to use the TouchStone tops it all off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boovish View Post
    Oh but they are copying. the took Touch to Share and is now apparently called S-Beam.
    yeah but nothing they sell now uses touch to share so they cant claim compensation due to loss of sales, so they "could" stop others using it but they would have to fork out the court costs knowing they cant claim back sales damages.
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    Whenever I hear "S-Beam" and "S-Voice", i cringe at the terrible names
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