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    This was extremely hard to word on any search engine i tried it on. If i had an iOS device, say an iPhone 4s and an android device say, Samsung s3 (or older). Can the two of them play versus each other on Gameloft live titles such as asphalt 6 or the new asphalt 7 (which i don't think is on android yet).?

    my bro has an iPhone and i might be getting the s3 or Evo One S variant, just wondering if i can play with him over WiFi or Bluetooth. I know Gameloft games aren't in game center b/c they have their own Gameloft live, but is it possible to play other opponents with different OS?

    thought i take it to webOS forums b4 i hit-up android central or iMore and never get a response.
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    Honestly... this really has nothing to do with these forums as it has nothing to do with webOS. This forum is actually for posting discussions to compare/contrast webOS to the competition. Please feel free to check with AndroidCentral or wpCentral. Thanks

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