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    I will soon be coming up to the end of my contract with Sprint, and with no new webOS hardware on the horizon I will be changing to a different OS. Right now, I'm deciding between WP7 and Android, specifically between getting a Lumia 900 (and switching carriers to AT&T or T-Mobile if the rumors that it is coming to T-Mobile pan out) and taking advantage of the upgrade credit and getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 (or even an S3 if the price is right and they have it in stock) on Sprint.

    The main reason I'm asking here is because I want to know what people here who moved from webOS to WP7 or Android have to say about the "hackability" of these platforms, that is how much you can customize it outside of the official app stores. I also want to know if anyone thinks either either of these phones, the Lumia 900 and Samsung Galaxy S2/3, might be easy to install with Open webOS. It's still several months away, but depending on the hackability of these phones one might be easier to install with Open webOS than the other. Nothing definite, just a guess from people who have hacked their WP7/Android phones.

    I am leaning more towards the Lumia 900 because I like the UI more, but the S2/S3 are great hardware. Just need some advice.
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    Lumia 900 is unlikely to get open webOS. It has a locked bootloader and signed kernel designed specifically to stop such things.

    -- Rod
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    I see, I didn't know about the locked bootloaders. The Lumia 900 is really the only WP7 device that has impressed me, but if it is locked in such a way that would prevent installation of Open webOS, I guess I'll go Android.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    If you really want to go WP, I would say hold off until Win 8 devices are announced. WP7 is going to have some app development issues when 8 drops, I would guess shortly you will see devs focusing on Win 8 with some "legacy" support.

    Lumia is still expensive off contract for a phone that MS has already stated won't run apps coded for win 8 devices. People love the Lumia 9, but I would wait to see what news comes out in the next few months.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...

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