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    RIM considering to split its business in two.

    RIM considering to split its business in two, and maybe sell the handset division.

    According to Reuters Rim after consulting JP Morgan and RBC Capital about its strategic options is considering to split the company in two separated business. One the handset division and two its messanging network.

    However, RIM insist in executing its turnaround plan.

    Speculation about potential buyers of the handset division might be Amazon or Facebook and maybe sell or open RIM`s messanging network to rivals like Apple and Google to generate income.

    The original Reuters post below:

    LONDON (Reuters) - BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is considering splitting its business in two, separating its struggling handset manufacturing division from its messaging network, The Sunday Times reported.

    RIM, which last month hired JP Morgan and RBC Capital to look at its strategic options, could break off its handset division into a separate listed company or sell it, the British newspaper said without citing sources.

    Potential buyers would include Amazon and Facebook, it reported, adding that RIM's messaging network could also be sold, or opened up to rivals such as Apple andGoogle to generate income.

    An alternative option would be to keep the company together but sell a stake to a larger technology firm such as Microsoft, the newspaper said.

    RIM said in a statement that it continued to believe the best way to drive shareholder value was to execute its turnaround plan.

    RIM virtually invented the concept of on-your-hip email with its first BlackBerry devices, but now finds itself struggling badly in the smartphone market.

    Last year, it held numerous takeover discussions with potential buyers ranging from Amazon and Microsoft Corp to private equity firms, sources have previously told Reuters. But those talks never resulted in an M&A transaction under former co-chief executives Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.

    RIM considers splitting business in two: paper | Reuters
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    PalmOne, PalmSource? Sounds like a winner to me...

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    Sadly for RIM, looks like the same history that happened with Palm will repeat itself. Let's hope that someone at RIM makes a good decision because if not....then it will end up being like Palm phones with WebOS without no actual use and no future with a stupid company(HP) who bought it and now they don't want it. Feel sad for the RIM employees some of them during the transformation will end up getting laid-off, and thousands of people with talent with software coding expertise will find themselves struggling to find a job.
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    looks like derek could have similar situation company on the next mobile nation podcast.

    no longer the odd man out hardware wise.

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