About a year ago exactly, my son broke my wife's cheap flip phone in half. The next day we went to Sprint and, since I was due for my upgrade, I gave her my Pixi and I moved on to Android on the Nexus S 4G.

I suppose I was sort of a 'cheerleader' for webOS. The Pixi was my first experience in the smartphone arena. I thought the whole card thing was cool. I liked the gesture area at the bottom and the physical keyboard. I tried many times to get others interested in the then Palm-owned OS...to no avail. When I got the NS4G, I was expecting to be frustrated by the interface and put off by the lack of the unique features I'd gotten so used to. Only...it didn't really happen.
Sure, I missed swiping away notifications...at first.
Yes, I missed the physical keyboard...for a while.
I think what took the longest to get used to, though, was the lack of the gesture area at the bottom.
Strangely enough, though...what I miss most of all to this day is the swipe-to-delete individual emails/text messages.

See, time heals all wounds. Swiping away notifications was nice, but when I got ICS (Android 4.0.4) that was back again. For the keyboard...I don't miss it. In fact, I love Swype...just dragging my finger across the screen. No gesture area, though tough to get used to, became less of a problem once I got used to new patterns of use with the capacative buttons. But what I still hate to this day is having to hit the stupid little check-boxes in front of every email message I want to delete! I just want to swipe them away and have them magically deleted! That was beautiful and is rarely ever mentioned as a major UI feature of webOS! Totally underrated!

With every passing day, webOS (in my own opinion) becomes less and less relevant to me as a smartphone platform. It has some truly fantastic features and touches (some of which was lost on version 3.0 --- no gesture area!!!!). Much of it is no longer unique to webOS, though. Copying, plagiarism, inspiration...call it what you will...but much of what made it great as an interface has become integrated into other OSes or apps for use on other operating systems. Don't get me wrong...I'm glad webOS is still alive and kicking in some form and I hope the openwebOS community can breathe some real life (and innovation!) into it...but I don't really hold out any hope that it will ever be a major player. To be honest, I think there is only room for two or three big hitters. Even WP7, with its slick interface and HUGE backing from MS and Nokia, is facing a major uphill climb just to be competitive.

You folks help make webOS great, though. I have no doubt that iOS and Android would do well to keep paying attention and looking for features and improvements that matter most to the connected users.