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    So I've recently become unemployed, and have been thinking about downgrading from my Pre 2 to a dumbphone temporarily to escape the data plan and save a little on my bill. I'd still like a phone with good calender and contacts functionality and bluetooth.. Anyone have any good suggestions for a phone on Verizon that doesn't require a data plan?

    I'm thinking maybe getting an old Centro, as I've heard that since it came out before they started forcing all smartphones to have data, that you an activate them without data.. So its still a smartphone, just an old crippled one any better options?

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    If you're on Verizon, I believe the LG env2 doesn't require a data plan. A centro may also work like you suggested.
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    Note of warning - if you are grandfathered in on unlimited data on Verizon, if you switch to a feature phone, you lose the unlimited data if/when you go back to using a smartphone.

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    if u arent under contract id suggest getting a gsm phone (or comm board) and going with straight talk or other provider. Can keep your Pre2 and pay much less, even w data in some cases
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    want a dumbphone? try an iPhone. :-)

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