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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    A small OT note , since someone mentioned OS/2 ... I'm old enough, bought at least 2 of the releases and had a DDK subscription.

    That os was very good, but the marketing is what really killed it, not the ability of running windows programs. IBM didn't have a good marketing campaign and never cared to aim it for what really was and is driving the market... the masses... thing that MS instead smartly did and do.
    Personally I've always thought that IBM itself, or people high in the food chain, wanted OS/2 to fail.

    It was a very basic thing : MS made sure nice games were made available for its own product. IBM no.

    /OT end
    Hi mazzinia, that was me.

    I agree that IBM sucked at marketing to consumers, especially when compared directly to MS. IBM generally saw only the corporate world.

    However, this was not the only cause of OS/2's demise. I again point to the WordPerfect situation. The leading word processor at the time specifically abandoned their OS/2 development precisely because their Windows version would run on OS/2. Why develop two versions when one will run on both systems? It's a very short path between that and "Why develop for OS/2?" all! OS/2 went from a competitor in 1991 to off-the-radar by 1993.

    This is my fear for webOS. Why develop for webOS if you can develop for Android and we can just put Android on our Pres and Touchpads (either as an alt. OS or as an app)?

    So, to the broader webOS Nation...
    I say that since there aren't going to be any new devices in the near future as our Pres and Touchpads age, we would do best to encourage the development of our OS on newer hardware. That's why I think it's more important to support efforts like the Phoenix initiative and Open webOS than the efforts to get Android on our aging devices.

    As I said in my first post -- I do appreciate and understand the efforts regarding Android. I just respectfully disagree. I want webOS on my next device, not Android on my last device.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    I suppose that, as said previously, OpenMobile ACL would be a better solution since we would keep the OS, and add the missing apps.
    ACL is never going to be released, but maybe you could find a beta .ipk of ACL. If you ever do message me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSkoolVWLover View Post
    To add to this, as I have said before elsewhere. What amount of insanity would it take to spend $200+ (some paid well over $500) for a device that was never released, never to be supported, with no warranty... to load an OS on it that is already loaded on the most diverse collection of hardware of any mobile OS.
    Not to beat a dead unicorn, but that "diverse collection of hardware" has nothing in design that compares to the webOS hardware lineup, particularly for the portrait slider form factor. My appreciation for Palm hardware (esp. Pre 2, Pre 3 and Veer) was just as big a part of my love for their devices as the software.

    Plus, the Pre 3 hardware isn't horribly dated. If one could compile with full graphics acceleration enabled, I imagine ICS or JB would run darn smoothly. Meanwhile Mathias Duarte seems to be making steps toward webOSifying Android, so I'd love to give it a whirl on my favored Pre 3 if I could dual boot.

    Because, that all said, I stand behind webOS and still prefer it for my daily driver. Cheers to all the devs, and may the world spurn Android phablets in favor of Open webOS portrait sliders again some day!

    Also, I appreciate that you've allowed folks to keep asking around. Android devs aren't interested in webOS hardware (beyond the Touchpad). webOS devs don't want to give up their software. But for this particular combo we need folks who are familiar with the underpinnings of both Android and webOS hardware/software if it's ever going to happen, and all the webOS gurus lurk here!
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