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    Hi, all, is no longer working. Does anyone have the downloads I need to do this, or a link to a website that supports them? I'd love to get this on my Veer.

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    If you have time and want to experiment with android on veer, you can also try AndroidChroot.(see #15 and the end of #116).
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    sorry i am not getting those links
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexoman View Post
    So for all people asking theirself, puttig android on their veer, I will write what works on my veer.
    I installed android on my unbranded GSM HP Veer, which has german keyboard layout, because I'm from germany.
    So the touchscreen and the screen color are ok.
    Also anroid is booting very fast. It's android version 2.3.7.
    For the home/back/menu button, the developer has found a very good solution. For back and home screen you just use the webos gestures. For menu you swipe from left to right.
    I tried to install the market etc. via ACMEInstaller but it didn't worked for me.
    Also the wifi works but always when yout reboot your phone, you have to resign in the wlan network.
    Multitouch in the browser doesn't work. bluetooth, auto rotate screen, gps, phone, camer doesnt work too.
    Also you cant take a look at your pictures or music, because the phone say, there is no SD card.
    But the alpha is very stable, I didn't had any crashes.
    Here I found a youtube video
    Dear nexoman,
    I received the HP 2 days ago after a long search before and I am german too. The cell phone is grate. Only the ME45 in its days .
    But I waaaaant to use it but I would prefer the german key pad. Any solution for it?
    Thank you so much.
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