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    we're all waiting for android on our veer!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Any updates ?
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    What's the lag like? How does it compare to 2.1.2 on the Veer, or CM9 on the TP? What's navigation like? If it's easy enough to operate on a tiny display and the lag is bearable, I'd consider it for the apps. However, with the Veer's specs, I wouldn't have high hopes.
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    Any news?
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    WiFi driver will complete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renren12310 View Post
    WiFi driver will complete.
    You mean Wifi works ???
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    Thanks for updating us. It is great to know that there is progress.
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    testing... You can install it on your veer.
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    I just now tried the steps mentioned in the link. The install went well, got the penguin screen and sequence status but after the reboot, I am not getting the Moboot loader.. device is booting to webos by default..

    However I am able to see in boot/ folder all the additional android and moboot uImage files..

    What could be the issue.. How can get the moboot loader and android???
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    even after google translate still cant see where to download the files. can someone help me out and I'll give this a go.
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    makes me want to consider a veer
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    Hopefully runkeeper will work..... The veer size is perfect running companion.

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    Oh it seems the download link has been removed from the chinese site now.. Yesterday I could download the files..

    I guess renren might have purposefully removed the link...

    I am still not able to boot either from moboot or android..
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    Can send us the boot environment of your veer.. I am suspecting some problem with my boot environment as its directly booting to webos.

    My boot environment details from PrintEnv is

    T ? = -1000
    T chargebypass = 1
    T lcd_enable_vsync = true
    installer = trenchcoat
    T klog_len = 0x100000
    T klog_addr = 0x2ff00000
    T chainbootdevice = mmc1
    T bootaddress = 0x04600000
    T bootdevice = mmc1p13
    bootfile = uImage
    T bootfs = ext2
    T bootargs-ramdisk = root=/dev/ram0 rw
    T bootargs = root=/dev/mmcblk0p14 rootwait ro
    T bootconsole = ttyS2,115200n8
    autoboot = fsboot
    T boardtype = broadway-pvt
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    Can someone translate the instruction to english ? Also the downloaded tar.gz files from the link has only a text file.Does GSM baseband chips work with this build ?
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    Hello Vijay,

    you can download the 3 files from this link..]uImage.install]boot.tar -

    just place the uImage.install file in c:\program files\palm, inc\ folder

    connect your HP veer to PC as USB drive and place these two files android-rootfs.tar and boot.tar in root drive

    reboot your HP Veer and on the first display of HP logo press and hold volume up key util you get the USB symbol
    then open cmd and change the path to c:\program file\palm, inc\ and type the command novacom boot mem:// < uImage.install

    As per the original instructions you will see the black penguin logo along with some text on the device and it will reboot automatically to moboot loader.. however I tried in two Veer devices i am not getting the moboot loader.

    try at your own risk and share the results
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    Thanks but it's like don't working.. Can you ask the developer to post their work on XDA or Cyanogenmod forums?
    So anyone can help.
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    He has added on the front of the article that the testing project is temporarily paused because some experienced stuck at the HP booting logo and never recovered after flashing with the ROM.

    So let's just be patient and give him some time to figure this out.

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    Just installed this on my Veer -- works nicely. This is a Gingerbread ROM. Touchscreen is okay, could use more work but this is a way early alpha.

    Wi-Fi seems to work perfectly, and the keyboard has a few flaws.

    Otherwise it's great. The screen color is off but that should be easily fixable soon.
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    That sounds great... Can you describe the steps.. As I am still not able to get this running..
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