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    Thanks for the post, subscribed the thread, should be helpful if i ever get an iphone, this along with the webOS UI on Android post should help many fans: Switching to Android? It'll probably feel familiar | webOS Nation
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    Apple Yanks Privacy App From The App Store | SecurityWeek.Com

    its issues like in the above link is why i dispise all things apple, android at least tells you (if you can be bothered to look) that the app is blatantly leeching all your personal info or doing bad stuff in the background, the apple apps dont tell you squat, and apps that detect and show you what the apps actually do just get removed or denied access to the apple store.

    its likely why apple and android apps/eco-systems are so popular to single devs and larger app companies, theres info to be mined that other companies happily pay to get access to as much of our personal data as possible, and the VAST majority of people just blindly install those apps.

    what gets me is if i tell a friend/family that the dumb app they installed is probably doing that, and they say they dont care about their info being leeched, seems they also dont care its not just their info but all their contacts/friends/family's numbers/emails/data that they are happily giving away without their consent, just because they want some free game or other damaging junk app.
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    Ah crap I forgot to look into that app!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Ah crap I forgot to look into that app!
    ** Clueful * - * Privacy Monitoring App for iPhone

    looks like their main site lets you do searches on apps with some info, never tried the website version before, stick your fave ios apps into their search box and watch the ads/tracking info stack up

    even seemingly harmless apps like the "BBC News" app have access to quite a lot of stuff they dont need.
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