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    Dieter was totally bragging about the Touchstone mod he did on his Galaxy Nexus on this weeks Verge mobile podcast. It's pretty cool, solderless.

    For curious minds
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    I just saw this thread. Pretty cool! I wonder when inductive charging will actually come built in to other devices? I mean, int he webOS world, it's so 17 seconds ago...which is cool to have something related to webOS that is NOT in the coming months!
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    I noticed that many use the copper conductive tape to route the coil to the back of the phone. I am having a hard time finding this locally, and prefer not to pay $20 for 36yds of this stuff if I only need 6". Does anyone know if the same could be done with a industrial strength (i mean really heavy duty) aluminum foil instead...that I have on hand from another project i was doing.

    Is there any side effects, reasons, resistance/conductive differences that stick out? I know copper is better and conducting electricity, but for the 5V and less than 1A we need for this, do that really matter?

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    Depending, heat could be an issue. It is annoying that there isn't an easy way to get "just enough."
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    Not to resurrect a thread, but I wanted to mention something regarding the copper tape.

    Having done this mod, the best place to get "just enough" copper tape is a guitar shop.

    They use this kind of tape to shield amps etc. Call a few local guitar shops and ask nicely, they'll toss you a foot of tape for free. Just tell them you're doing a project that needs a LITTLE bit of copper adhesive tape and you can't find it -anywhere- without buying 20 feet of the stuff. They'll have mercy. Seeing as you'll probably need 5-10 guitar picks anyway to get the back off the nexus, it's a perfect solution - let em know you're coming in for some picks too .
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