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    yes i know this is the webos forums but the imore people are ignoring me and pre people are smarter anyway i did break down and leave my pre for the 4s and i was hoping that someone might have an answer to my problem The sound isnt working properly. I can go into settings and play with the ringer volume and the phone makes noise but when im on the home screen when i press either of the volume buttons it shows no bars and wont move i have the sound up in the settings anyway i set a timer and it made noise but i cant get any sound from inside apps or clicks from the keyboards its just really strange and im not sure how to fix it.
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    Hi Happy_Coal8,

    While we appreciate you wanting to use these forums for your iPhone help, we are a webOS forum. Please feel free to post your question over on our sister-site: You will get expert help on that iPhone dedicated site.

    These 'other' forums are for comparing/contrasting webOS devices vs. other platforms.

    Thank you!
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