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    This is good to hear, for sure, "Houston" I hope means "Sugar Land" also. I will have ICS on my handset and on my Touchpad once the CM crowd gets it done.
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    Wow. So the announcement is coming maybe at CES next week? Verizon only had a 2-month exclusive.
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    Sprint indicated the prospect of an LTE powered Galaxy Nexus at the start of January. Today, we have news for Sprint subscribers. The official Google sign-up page for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is now live. Sprint subscribers can register for "more information". This is an exciting prospect.

    Expected to come in a 32 GB version, it should be the first LTE device of the network. There has also been rumors about some features being different in the Sprint version. Many are saying that it it's stock battery is going to larger than the Version or GSM world version. The date has not been confirmed. If any of you come across a date then believe us it is pure guesswork at the moment!

    Those of you who use Sprint can sign-up on the page. If you are over-whelmed by this, tell your fellow Sprint users. Discuss, guess and share! This would help pass the time until the device is released.

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