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    Unable to compete with their devices the way they did a few years ago, Apple has been turning to the patent system to give their phones and tablets a competitive advantage. What makes the latest patent ridiculous? It involves using apps during a phone call.

    Has Apple even heard of Palm? Palm had this idea figured out years ago and incorporated it into webOS for all of their phones, which carried over into the HP Veer and Pre 3. From the linked article, here are the steps outlined in the article:

    1. During a call on a mobile device with a touch screen, with the phone user interface showing, the users touches either a menu button or an icon.
    There's no fancy icon for webOS. Just tap the gesture area or swipe up.

    2. The device replaces the phone interface with a menu of application icons, including the phone icon.
    In webOS, you go into card mode showing all your running apps. You can swipe up twice or then tap the launcher icon to view a menu of application icons.

    3. A user's finger gesture chooses another app.
    This takes many forms in webOS. Obviously by finger gesture they mean tap the icon to choose another app. However, in webOS you have the application gesture, where you can swipe the gesture area to rapidly switch between apps.

    4. The app's interface comes up, all the while not dropping the call. The interface includes a "switch application icon" only when a phone call is occurring.

    5. The user performs a finger gesture on the switch application icon, taking the user back to the phone interface.
    This part does it worse than webOS. You go back to the phone call using methods you've already learned, instead of looking for a "switch application icon". Plus, does this mean developers would need to incorporate this icon in their app if Apple eventually implements this feature?

    This is the money quote from the article:

    The more rough edges Apple can force into Android and the more it can make other manufacturers omit functions -- the HTC case is just one example, and Apple has many more lawsuits running -- the more Apple can position the iPhone and iPad as the elegant and desirable consumer choices.
    Instead of offering a more compelling experience, Apple wants to force competitors to offer inferior experiences through patent trolling. Either that, or just prevent the sale of competitor products altogether by ordering an injunction against HTC products in the US and Samsung products in Germany.

    Yesterday's Apple edged competitors with innovative products that people wanted to use. Today's Apple wants to edge competitors by eliminating them and giving people no choice on what product to use. It's a troubling development, to say the least.

    Apple patents using apps during calls - CBS News
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    It appears the patent was filed in 2008. It looks like they were thinking ahead.
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    If I remember correctly, the original Palm operating system allowed you to do this. That would pre-date this patent by a few years.
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    You could run other programs while using one of the original Palm Treo's... Palm probably has a patent on it already.
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    Wake me up when they patent obnoxious users... They SURE own the market for that.

    Have you talked to an iPhone user? You'll know what I mean.
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    It's actually the exact way that it's done, not solely the fact that other companies do it. What they are targeting is the duplicating of their method and programming.
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    Im an iPhone user. What would u like to talk about Toni?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Wake me up when they patent obnoxious users... They SURE own the market for that.

    Have you talked to an iPhone user? You'll know what I mean.
    You've moved to iPhone??
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