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Here is a pic of hte phone:
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I like those HTC phones, they were beautifully engineered from the start and their thinness designs not even Apple can compared to those from HTC. I seen some of them on the display on carriers stores, yet not even one of those convinces me to buy them at all. I'm still staying with WebOS for a few more yrs to come(well, that is until my phone dies) and maybe forcefully have to go with Android. Frankly, I experienced those phones on the stores and played with them a lot, while HTC Sense UI is an improved version skin of the Android never got used to the idea of their multitasking works on that platform. One thing that all my friends, noticed that while nice design and everything the battery life on those devices are even worse than the original Palm Pre.

Plus the gestures areas on my new Palm Pre 2 are way cooler than having to touch a sensitive home button on Android not the same effect as swiping back/forth to switch apps.