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    With all the talk today about open source WebOS, there's been much discussion of posrting WebOS to Android handsets. Personally I think you all are getting it backwards. I would like to propose porting Android over to the Pre 3? I love my Pre 3 as both a gorgeous physical object and as the ideal smartphone form factor (for me). But I'm pretty frustrated by the performance of WebOS, which as simple and intuitive as it is, still seems unfinished, and by the lack of many apps that were available on my old Treo, but are still MIA for the Pre.

    I must say that as I travel around with the Pre 3, I'm constantly asked what it is. Typically they say, "Is that an i-phone?" and then I flip open the keyboard. They say, "Oh, it's a Blackberry." When I say "no" they ask to see it and fondle it.

    If I could get a stable operating system on it, even if it is less elegant than WebOS, and also be assured that I can get any app I want, I'd be a very happy guy.
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    yeah, as much as I like webos I would like the option of having android on my pre3 after the announcement today. I wonder if its possible, and if it'll be easier since webos is open source now?
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    android is our enemy now.
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    ...and why?
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    Why? So it can be like the billions of other Android phones out there. Bleh.
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    What we need now is development and improvement on what is an already-excelent os. Before HP announced the open sourcing I was hoping android would come to the pre and that I'd eventually be able to get ICS on it. Not anymore, now webOS is going to evolve at the hands of the community that loves it. Better to stay for the ride imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Mair View Post
    android is our enemy now.
    No android is YOUR enemy. I'm not into childish OS contests.
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    I would also love to see a dual boot setup like on the TP with CM9 on Pre 3. Just to switch to Android from time to time for the local Dutch apps that will just simply never arrive for webOS.
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    I would like it the other way around, webos on the samsung galaxy s2!
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