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    Anyone have trouble with Clie on Windows XP? I just switched to an XP computer, installed the Sony desktop (Sony page says the T615C disk I got a while back should work fine), attached the cradle, hit the hotsync button, and ... nothing. Wondering if anyone else has had any problems before I tackle Sony customer care.
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    Okay, figured it out myself. I tried hotsyncing to another PC, and that didn't work either. Suspecting a hosed CLIE, I started restoring from my memory stick using BackupBuddyVFS. The only file it replaced that I didn't recognize was something like "Extension Registry". About 2/3 through the restore, the CLIE had a fatal error and reset itself. When it came up, it could hotsync again.

    I'm guessing it was badly hosed, and that one of the files in the restore fixed things up, even though the restore caused a crash.

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