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    I've been using a VZW HTC Trophy as my daily driver for almost a week now. Here's what I posted in the WPcentral forums:

    Got a Pre+ when VZW first launched it. I now have a Pre2 and a TouchPad. I L.O.V.E webOS, and even as good as WP7.5 is, it is nowhere near a suitable replacement for all the things I love about webOS.

    Notifications: I need a unified notification center. I've had my Trophy for a week and I'm sick of scouring my phone to find out what that f'ing notification was. I'm also frustrated without a LED notification. I feel like I have to keep checking my phone every 30 seconds.

    Instant Messaging: I really need to have Gtalk integrated into the messaging app. And where the heck is Office Communicator?

    Sync: I prefer simple. I liked the USB drive method. Although, I do appreciate the wireless sync, as I've only had to use the Zune software once. I really want to be able to transfer documents, however. Skydrive client isn't really available for WinXP (my work computer).

    Camera: Miles ahead of my Pre2.

    WiFi Sleep: It sucks. If I'm away from 3G coverage (but have wifi) my phone is all but useless. I cannot comprehend why this isn't configurable.

    Apps: I love that there are so many apps here.

    Email: I am in love with 90% of WP email. The look, threaded messages, etc. I wish I could actually delete a Google email, though. Currently deleting only archives the server copy. Kind of mucks up my All Mail view in Gmail. I have a couple of email accounts that I rarely use, but would like to know if they have any new messages. I have to keep them pinned to the screen if I want to see new message status. Linking accounts is cool, but one of the swipe panels should be reserved for each individual account. So, if I have three accounts linked, the normal All, Unread, and Flagged panels would remain, but in addition, one panel for each of the three accounts. That would help me manage my needs in this regard much better.

    Calendar/email integration: works like you'd expect a MS program to work. Everything works just as it does on my work laptop. Accepting/sending invites, etc. I do like the look of the webOS calendar better, though. WP7 does have a lovely agenda view, so that helps.

    Basic controls / UI:

    One volume control? Come on! ridiculous. Most games are too loud on "1", yet my ringer is barely audible at this level.

    Turning Bluetooth or WiFi on and off requires a few steps, unless you download a 3rd party app and pin yet another tile to your home screen.

    Lots of wasted (black) space on the home screen.

    The metro UI, while beautiful in its simplicity and consistency, wastes a ton of screen real estate with the huge fonts on the panel headers. Makes my Trophy's usable screen no bigger than an iPhone for all purposes except browser/videos. This is painfully apparent in Twitter apps, where the space wasted on metro could be used to show another tweet or two, and the calendar, where 1/4 of the screen is wasted. I want functionality first, beauty second.

    The theme colors all seem washed out. Too much pastel. For a phone with so much professional appeal, the cartoon-like color selection is a mystery.

    Homebrew/customization: webOS has no comparison. I want access to my device and all the convenience that comes with that. And I mean convenient access - webOS Internals, Canuck Coding, and the other homebrewers/patchers are second to none in making webOS a custom build for every user.

    The Marketplace search function is abysmal. Search for "twitter": Only half the Twitter apps show up, and half the apps that do show up have nothing to do with Twitter. Why? I thought MS had Bing! in their toolbox.

    How the heck do you close the Zune music player?

    Wish we could create shortcuts for the text assist.

    Multitasking: WP7.5 is fine. That's not my gripe. I haven't really found a limitation that I can't live with.

    Screen: This is my biggest gripe, as the beautiful screen on my Trophy will make it hard to live with my Pre2 again, should I abandon WP. (just kidding)

    All that being said, here's some things I've never experienced before:

    I haven't had to restart my phone for a week. That's right - no crashes, freezes, or other BS behavior that would require a restart of my webOS phone.

    Fully functional, no questions asked, no special app to keep it running, spot-on GPS. F'ing love it.

    OK, that's enough for now. (Did anyone actually read this whole thing?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHT View Post
    OK, that's enough for now. (Did anyone actually read this whole thing?)
    Actually no. But seems to be a good summarization of your experience. Thanks.
    Perhaps I am prejudiced. But for everything with the name windows in I get goose bumps.
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    how are the bing maps?
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    how are the bing maps?
    I'm so stoked about GPS working, my view may be biased, but I find the Bing maps to be flawless. No bird's eye view, though. I haven't attempted to use the turn-by-turn navigation in a real-world scenario yet, but I will on my way home tonight. I'll report back here.

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