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    If it is, then I WANT ONE. If it didn't have the Blackberry branding, I would have mistaken it for the next generation webOS phone that never was, possibly webOS 4.0. The interface looks very familiar to webOS users and the phone looks gorgeous. The specs are also very good. Like I've said before, if you can't have webOS, might as well have the webOS knock-off, and if this phone is one of the first BBX phones, then the choice is easy.

    Is this the first BlackBerry with the QNX OS? | The Verge
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    never been a big blackberry fan. looks better in design (hardwarewise) then most blackberries which are sadly the same thing over and over again. at least lookswise. can't say i'm fond of the silver and the way the corners look though.

    But in the few cell phones i had the devil is in the details. I had a samsung dumb phone that i bought thinking it would be great to play mp3s with. it was capable of playing mp3s but in practice it was so cumbersome interfacewise as to be unusable. When a bought a pre a physical keyboard was really important to me but i almost instantly hated the pre keyboard. i hated the feel. the keys where too small for may hands. I felt the buttons lacked the travel i wanted and worse buttons on the keyboard actually died. In practice i didn't like the keyboard. I 100% bought my pre to replace my my 80GB ipod as my daily use music player. I but in practice i didn't like playing music on my pre, i didn't like the player, it didn't sort the way i was used to, it was difficult to transfer music to and from my computer, the tags displayed improperly, and the sluggishness of the touchscreen meant i got frustrated often when tapping one thing wouldn't register in a snappy fashion. At first i didn't like Android. But i used an EVO for a month and decided i could easily use it and be pretty happy.

    Thus i think, the real verdict will come from using this blackberry device and in the little things. Like my pre it may play music but does it do it in a way i like is a different question. So as with most phone i'll reserve any really final judgment until i use it.
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