I've had my Pre for a couple years now... one of the first waves of them at Sprint. I'm actually on my second... earlier this year my original had some issues, I have full insurance and so Sprint replaced it with a new one.

I've now got a nasty crack in the upper case near the USB door.

It's not effecting the function of the phone...yet. But it's only serving to remind me I can't keep this thing running forever. I have a TouchPad as well, and LOVE the way my stuff syncs between the two... I use apps like TapNote .. can build shopping lists or work on blog posts or just jot notes either at my computer, on my TP or my phone and access them from any of my other setups.

So with the prospect of having to maybe get a new phone by the end of the year or early next, I'm wondering what phones to look at? I'm not going iPhone, so some sort of Android based phone is probably my next best option...? Anyone have any suggestions?

I want to continue to be able to sync my contacts and calendar (I use google based stuff for those), I know TapNote doesn't had an android app, but maybe there's an adroid based one that lets me access stuff on my DropBox account?

Since I got my TP, I don't use many other apps on my phone... least not stuff I'm sure I couldn't find comparable apps for so the only other big "must have" is a nice camera. My Kodak point and shoot is getting old as well, and I figure the cameras on some of the phones these days are nice enough I won't have to carry around my phone and a camera.

Removable SD would be nice I suppose, but if it's got at least 8gb internal, probably not a huge issue.

I've sorta started looking at some of the Nexus line stuff, but thought I would throw this out here to see if there are others that are/have been in similar situation and see what you recommend.