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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    according to wiki...
    the prada came out in dec 2006.
    the iphone came out in jan 07.
    so really doubt they took their cues from prada.

    also we're talking dumbphone vs more of a smartphone that used data and having wifi ability to browse and run apps (web apps). the prada has an sd for storing music and video and pdfs and that's about it.

    before iphone, there were smartphones (and pdas) so iphone didnt invent it (iphone wasnt even a smartphone)... smartphones like the nokia n series and samsung blackjack and if i recall winmo was just getting into offering stylus' on their winmo smartphones (long available on pdas like palms or dell axims).

    and right before iphone you were just starting to see browsers for smartphones come out with more pc like page rendering (opera). but imo, ms didnt do much with winmo except maybe an update once a year and try to give us more than windows 3.11 type ui. we'd probably still be on winmo 5.x if not for new blood.

    before iphone i only had a dell axim pda and loved it.

    it may not be hard to stack rows of 4 icons together... but it wasn't until iphone that someone made put it all together (touchscreen and browser under a fully touchscreen ui) and made it work so good.

    and do it at a reasonable price and work out a reasonable data price ($20 month unlimited). that last part really brought smartphones into mainstream.

    give credit where credit is due. lg prada... geez.

    also... if it wasnt for iphone... you wouldnt have had rubi to bring webos to palm.
    Thanks donm527. I just wanted to throw in the Palm Treo 600 and the 700. I think one was out before 2006 and the other in 2007. I know the 700wx had a browser, however painfully slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrysanders20 View Post
    t's not hard to stack rows of four icons together.
    Yep. Apparently it's harder to get an OS with cards to flow smoothly. Maybe that's why they went with the stacked rows of icons. After years of exposure to Windows, people understand icons. The only thing the public knows about cards is that they come in a pack of 52.

    Four years later you see where they are with the stacked icons.
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    Well these was all history. What matters, is now. Jobs already gone, their rival will go more savage. As a consumer, I just follow what happen and choose which one the best. Let them (google & microsoft) do what they think will win. Using good or bad way doesn't matter for them.

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