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    bigwood212, I went to check out the iPhone 4s in store when it came out and just couldn't ... good hardware but my brain just doesn't think iOS5.

    I am going to order a Motorola Admiral (Sprint) in the next month or so, the phone just launched 10/23 but I found a few videos on Youtube, a few forum posts and got to play with one in the store.

    Android Gingerbread
    3.1" VGA screen
    physical portrait QWERTY keyboard
    1860mAH battery (yes, you read correctly, may just make it all day on a charge)
    notification light
    5MP camera with LED flash

    No front facing camera, wish the screen was slightly bigger (~3.5" or so) and this would be awesome for Skype and general websurfing, videos, etc. I'm really looking forward to getting this phone in a month or so, I think it'll be a good move from my Pre-.
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    I went with WP7 for a whole and now have a 4s... Here is my take... WP7 was awesome at first, then a couple of weeks in I started to feel cramped. The multitasking card view on WP7 seems like an afterthought and it will only show about 5 apps max... This is a big issue when your messaging app can take up 2, 3 or 4 of those cards on its own. I am now on a 4s... Not the grassy knoll that appHoles make it out to be, but better than wp7. It's buggy, some apps kick you to the dashboard and my wife had to exchange her 4s cause the noise canceling mic was canceling everything. Oh and the guys at the apple store are ******s... He explained that the problem with my wife's iPhone was that apple is always cutting edge, first with noise canceling, and because if that, there are some issues. Anyhow, in the end, the 4s seems better than wp7... If for nothing but app selection and not feeling a little like its in beta.

    Btw, still rocking my old ore when I go to my local bar and loving my touchPad, long live webOS!
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    Sry for double post, but I'm at a bar, and here is a pic of my pre being used to keep track of beers drank...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    Sry for double post, but I'm at a bar, and here is a pic of my pre being used to keep track of beers drank...

    Leave it on the counter. See if anyone thinks it's worth stealing. My bet is no.
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    Well I have decided after a lot of thought to get a Pre 2 and franken pre it. I should have it today or tomorrow to try. If all goes right this will save my contract and hold me over until Windows Phone 7 matures to perhaps Windows Phone 8. Then I can make the move when I feel its ready and there is more hardware on Sprint hopefully...or Maybe even a Ice Cream Sandwich phone ones it matures. I think the Pre 2 will hold me over...if all goes right and it works ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathykatia View Post
    I totally agree! I'min the same boat as you. Hate the 4s, everything takes so much longer to execute. Lack of synergy kills me!
    I agree. I am sending my 4S back. Siri is great but it is not reliable, it hardly ever works or gets a connection. I would say it works 1 out of every 4 tries. But navigating the IOS is ugly compared to WebOs. Not having preferences for every app in the app makes no sense. IOS has not changed much since my Itouch I bought 4 years ago. I don't get the hype.

    I am also losing Sprint Nav and Free tether which I use a lot when I travel. So, basically for $300 i paid I do not feel I am getting a better phone or see the value in spending that for a 4S.

    My plan is to go the franken Pre 2 route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigwood212 View Post
    After using the iPhone a few more days my review has not changed. This iOS is a joke compare to WebOs. It gets me mad that the ******* put down WebOs. Multitasking is horrible and I'm tired of opening and closing things multiple times. iOS is pretty much WebOs but with the launcher stuck open and with no synergy and bad notifications and menus that lead to menus and buttons in different places for everything you do. I miss gestures most of all I think. Everything you open up has the back or home button in a different spot. End of review iPhone 4s good phone. iOS is bad though. Apps are good but i would rather be back on WebOs. If hp were to release a phone with WebOs I would come right back.
    I have an iPhone 4; Pre Plus; and a Droid 2 Global on my desk right now. I have been unwilling to turn off the Pre Plus because of my love of the UI. I use the iPhone for work, and while I don't hate it - I don't love it either. I am tinkering with the Droid 2 to see if I can come up with something that makes me happier than the iPhone. So far no joy.

    One thing that may or may not help you is that you can double press the home button the iPhone and get a list of the recently run apps and switch to them from there. That is better than having to dig them up out of where they lie - particularly if you use folders. It's still clunky compared with webOS task switching - but the iPhone can also keep a heck of a lot more apps in suspended resume where you were state than the fully multitasking webOS ever could - with no impact to the speed or stability of the phone.

    There are some alternate launchers that claim to bring more webOS-like features to Android but so far in my experimentation I'm not seeing much worth doing more than yawn over. Granted I've not rooted my device and tried an entire distribution - but I also haven't seen anything that appealed that much yet.

    Both iOS and Android have limited CPU control (over/underclocking is primative by comparison from what I see); both lack the richness of the homebrew webOS community but make up for this in a rich supported app community. The apps are legen-wait for it- dary. But the sheer volume of apps makes it hard to find the good ones in the morass of cruddy ones.

    On Android be very careful what you install and scrutinize every app for permissions. Why does a flashlight need to have access to your phone calls? For no good reason I can think of! Often I have to wade through 15-20 reviews on each app and read up on 15-20 apps before I find one that I am comfortable installing - and sometimes I have to ditch it because it doesn't meet my needs and keep looking.

    What I wish is that someone with deep webOS user experience would mock up a good mimic of webOS using Android code and modifications and offer this as a custom ROM. I'd love to be able to make Android look like webOS - with minor changes. For example I like the menu/settings button as much as the left menu drop down on webOS - no need to tinker with that. I'd love to be able to flick left and right using a gesture (advanced gestures) but I'd settle for hitting a key and then swiping back and forth (yes there is an option for this but it's klunky and not built in...)

    iPhone Jailbreak with webOS-like features would be great too.

    Flick up to "end" would be the same as force close perhaps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinsin07 View Post
    Leave it on the counter. See if anyone thinks it's worth stealing. My bet is no.
    Ha, probably wouldn't have been any takers, but I don't mind.

    On a side note, webOS shines even more after having my jont with WP7 and my now current 4s. The cards and synergy are just that much better than what the others offer. iOS has notifications, but they just don't work well. I find myself missing posts all the time and wind up just opening up twitter and FB when I want to see what's going on. I feel sort of disconnected on iOS.

    iOS, think different, think off the grid.
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