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    My wife, I love here dearly, has trouble with keeping things from hitting the floor. She is on her second Visor Deluxe and her third cell phone now has a large component rattling around behind the speaker.

    Have any of you ever heard of a ruggedized PDA, perhaps one that the military uses or one rated for marine use?

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    Try for Symbol Technologies ruggedized handhelds. I have seen a price list for these, and you can buy a LOT of Deluxes and Neos for the cost of one of these babies! Ruggedized units are bigger and heavier than usual devices, as well. Harder to carry around with you, etc.

    I would suggest the Fellowes Bumper Case or similar thickly cushioned case. I LOVED the Fellowes for my Deluxe- it protected it from every bump, drop, and jar I inflicted on it for the year or so I had it. The ONLY drawback is that it makes the Palm so thick and non-skid that it is hard to carry in a pocket or most pouches. (I learned about the Bumper Case after seeing an article about a rancher who uses his Visor in the field, protected by oneof these tough cases!)

    I think the newer RhinoSkins 'shock suit' version or other cases would work, and if you looked at RhinoSkin's clearance center, you'd find several Visor cases at great prices, including the tough Aluminum or Titanium Slider cases under $30!
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    You have a good point about the cost. Thanks a lot!
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    Another interesting case to look at is on sale right now at the 'Smarter Cases' (in dark leopard or bobcat only)- only $9.99 for a good solid case.

    You need to use the dreaded Velcro on it, but if you put the stuff on the snap-on cover and set THAT in the Velcro it ain't too bad.

    Smarter Cases were reviewed all over the place, including
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    Screw all the other durable cases .. j/k cases. The best durable case for the Visor Deluxe form factor IMHO is the Active Armor caseI reviewed it awhile ago, and i think it protected my Visor up to an 8? foot drop if i am remembering it right. It alos lets you keep using all your springboard modules. Good ribbed rubber -

    Symbol makes great ruggedized pdas, but their made for the enterprise market so they are pricy, hard to find, and normally include extra features like barcode scanners.
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