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    just wondering.... VERY tempting
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    I'm sure you will have to change plan or something with the iphone hits sprint. I'm currently on the sero plan and guess that I won't be able to get an iphone on the plan. It isn't worth changing plans for me.
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    Frankenpre2.....than add a line and get iphone5.

    If only one choice iphone5. Sadly no pre 3.
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    iphone baby. i hope they don't pull their old trick of screwing us out of our plans again.

    what am i saying, of course they will. they do it every time a new phone comes out.

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    Exact decision I'm thinking about. If the rumors are true, and Sprint gets an exclusive on the iPhone5 and it's Wimax...I might do it, since I have an update coming. I'll try it out and if it does poorly I'll give it back and go to a Frankenpre. Or....I might go to the Frankenpre first until things shake out with Sprint's network when all those iPhones start hitting it....
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    I'll wait for a bit but at least can find some comfort in knowing that once my Pre minus finally dies, I don't have to get an Android device to stay with Sprint.
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    i am probably going to switch to iPhone 5
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    Get the Kool Aid ready folks, it's coming!

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    This may be the phone I leave the Pre minus for. Waiting until tomorrow to make a decision. I'll definitely be getting one for my wife. The question is whether or not I get one too. Sucks it comes down to this.
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    iPhone 5
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pre-Vail View Post
    iPhone 5
    Keeping my Pre minus. WebOS simple elegance.
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    Did a swap to the FrankenPre2 a month back, I'll be good for a while...
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    Received letter today from Sprint: Stated they had to make a tough decision (We want to let you know that the Sprint Premier program is coming to an a close. Sprint Premier benefits will expire on Dec. 31, 2011).

    Since I am NOT one who chase every cotton picking new phone that hits the market, I will continue with my Pre- since it does everything I need. Plus I want to see what Meg does with webOS.
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    Oh god no, never want to join the flock of myopic sheep, just purchase a Pre 3 so it's adios Sprint.
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    This is something I have been thinking about as well, and I will probably go iPhone on Sprint, as there is really no other choice at this point (unless I want to be assimilated into Android, umm NO). I still have a love for webOS, and would return to a webOS phone if any were to be released in the future; however, my Pre- has been acting up lately, and as much as I hate to say, iOS will probably integrate some of the features we have all come to love about webOS with the new iPhone and iOS 5.

    oh yeah, BTW...

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    I'll eventually get an iPhone, probably when I'm eligible for a discount next April. Just can't stomach $650 right now for the 4s.

    Tried Android, actually bought an Samsung Epic, but I just don't like Android. Forced it on my wife. She doesn't mind Android, but the device is too big for her, and she's unhappy with it. My plan was to "play" with her Epic to try to migrate to it, but I just couldn't warm up to it.

    I've been happily running a franken-pre plus on Sprint since March, but it just recently developed the dreaded battery-door crack.

    I just bid on a cracked-screen Pre- on Ebay, hopefully I'll get it. Then I'll find a Pre2 on the open market and Sprintify it.
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    So we can buy a Pre3, on eBay, or where ever, and then just have to switch to AT&T? Why not do that? Is this risky because webOS just might never be updated? Are there issues with it? I'm confused why this wouldn't be a popular option for those (like me) who want to stick with webOS, but whose Pre is running down.
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    I just found out the iphone doesn't have flash.... How is that possible? For a phone people say is the best in the world and it doesn't even have flash player like the other phones? Why?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigo0523 View Post
    I just found out the iphone doesn't have flash.... How is that possible? For a phone people say is the best in the world and it doesn't even have flash player like the other phones? Why?????
    LOL where have you been. Mr. Jobs says (said) Flash sucks and you shouldn't want it, so he refuses to give it to you.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    iphone. keeping my pre was never even an option. I decided it last year. But i had an emergency so i spent a bunch of my iphone money so i'll have to wait a few weeks unless i can figure something out.
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