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    Moving from Sprint Pre- to 32GB iPhone 4S on Sprint as of Friday. I jumped onto the Sprint Pre bandwagon because the iPhone was only on AT&T in 2009 and I couldn't get the device because of their poor coverage in the area where I do most of my work.

    The Pre was my first smartphone. I used a flip phone with a palm m515 for years and the 515 was showing its age. I have never had a problem with the phone since getting it in October 2009. I was disappointed in the lack of basic functionality but I held on to the promises that Document editing and other improvements would be "coming soon." I got used to the limitations and enjoyed features like synergy and universal search. I worked around using Google to synch my contacts and calendar between my phone and laptop. I looked forward to the release of the Pre 3 with hopes that it would be coming to Sprint. And then...

    I didn't leave webOS, it left me... or more accurately, the company behind it left me. I will keep my pre and possibly pass it on to my wife or my daughter. IF a webOS phone is ever back on the market, I may be back. Until then, I look forward to Pages, Numbers and Keynote integration with my Apple laptop and using iCloud to keep it all in synch.
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    Without a new HP device I am thinking of the iphone 4s just because of the camera quality pics I seen at thisismynext's review. Either that or wait on a windows phone 7 device to come to sprint like the htc titan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigo0523 View Post
    I just found out the iphone doesn't have flash.... How is that possible? For a phone people say is the best in the world and it doesn't even have flash player like the other phones? Why?????
    Pre Minus doesn't run flash either so if you're on Sprint and switching from that to the iPhone, you're not missing much...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdram View Post
    Pre Minus doesn't run flash either so if you're on Sprint and switching from that to the iPhone, you're not missing much...
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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    moved on to the samsung galaxy s epic 4g keyboard - miss my pre less wiht the keyboard.
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    If I can get my hands on a really really really cheap Pre2 I will Frankenpre as webOS is the best. Otherwise I will probably buy the best Sprint Andriod device I can get...will NEVER drink the Apple kool-aid...overpriced and arrogrant. Unfortunately though I have to upgrade my wifes and my phone by the end of the year otehrwise we lose the yearly upgrade that Sprint just got rid either way gotta upgrade.

    Nokia (red phone) --> Denso TouchPoint TP2200 --> Samsung SPH-N400 --> (Palm VII) --> Sanyo 5150 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Palm Pre --> Sprint FrankenPre 2 --> (HP TouchPad)/(HP Pre 3 - Wifi) --> Galaxy Nexus (with TS mod and hopes of Open webOS!)
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    I was very much considering it. Still on my original launch day Pre-

    Had it had 4G capability, yes I would have given the iOS a try. I've given apple far too much **** over the years to not give it a fair shake. I'm just not re-upping my contract for a non-4G device though. I need better data rates for tethering now that I've enjoying the Touchpad.

    It's down to the Galaxy SII, the Photon, or an ATT Pre3 ... the main thing holding me back from the Pre3 is loosing my Google voice integration with Sprint.
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    I've finally bit the bullet. I have a launch day Pre-, and it will remain in my house in its nice tidy box, but my new iPhone 4S is currently sitting on my porch.

    Here was my dilemma. My Pre is near dead from abuse over the past 2 years with numerous physical problems and honestly just being really, really slow (or overclocked with relatively poor battery life). The app selection just isn't up to snuff. I wanted to stay on Sprint though.

    I like Windows Phone 7's UI a lot, but didn't like the design of their phones on sprint (so huge). App capabilities were questionable.

    I like that Android has very good app support and had some phones I liked. However, I'm not a big fan of the current OS or of honeycomb (Which I assume is what ICS is going to be similar to). It seems like it takes a LOT of tweaking to make it act how you like and that's what I was hoping to get away from (And sadly didn't, just lessened) when I moved to the Pre from being a loyal Windows Mobile guy.

    iOS and the iPhone's that perfect mid point. I like it better as an OS than Android but less than WP7. On the flip side you can't beat its app support. I like the design of the phone with it being both thin, skinny, and not too big.

    I bought it off contract because my work may end up getting the iPhones (In which case I'd just stop having a personal plan and use that) or because I'll want to get an upgrade priced iPhone5 when it hits next year (following apple's general standard design plan). If ICS really impresses me, or if in a year somehow WebOS is sold off and makes a real comeback, or Mango is great and WP7 gets some new devices on sprint, then I may swap out. But right now I'm jumping into the iOS pool.

    Having an iPad already I think played a bit into it, as I've already got a bit of an investment into an app ecosystem as is.
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