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    Intel to merge MeeGo with LiMo. Samsung is on board
    By Vlad Bobleanta on 27 Sep 11

    Intel to merge MeeGo with LiMo. Samsung is on board Ľ Unwired View

    Remember LiMo? Think. No, itís not a lemonade brand. Itís also not something to do with limousines.

    LiMo (undoubtedly a name made up of the association of the words Linux and Mobile) is a Linux-based mobile operating system. Back in the day, some said it was an excellent alternative to Android. Yeah.

    But now itís 2011 and the last time we heard anything about LiMo was last year when Vodafone decided to cancel an entire own-brand line of smartphones that were powered by this platform. So it obviously hasnít been very successful.
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